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A scientific seminar will be held


On November 10, 2022, a scientific seminar will be held, organized by the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology. The goal is to exchange views in the scientific field, improve research skills, strive for self-expression and self-realization in science, testing innovations. Moderator - Associate Professor G.T. Abitova.


The speakers of the seminar will be doctoral students of the 2nd year: A. Akhmetov, specialty «8D01103-Management in Education», the topic of the report is «Scientific and practical foundations of knowledge management of students according to the consortium model»; D. Zholdasbekova, specialty «8D01901-Defectology: Training in special pedagogy» - «Actual problems of preparing future teachers for correctional pedagogical activity»; G. Tursynbek, specialty «8D01301-Training of teachers without subject specialization» - «The essence, structure and function of the concept of» pedagogical image «; G. Ashimkhanova, specialty «8D01901-Defectology: Training in special pedagogy» - «The concepts of «competence» and «competence» in the modern education system»; A. Auezov, specialty «8D01201-Preschool education and training» - «Modern approach to the development of cognitive interest through constructive games of children of senior preschool age».



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