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Accreditation of educational programs of institutes

In the period from December 7 to December 9, 2022, specialized accreditation of 19 educational programs of institutes of natural sciences and geography, philology, arts, culture and sports, pedagogy and psychology will be carried out: 6B01416-Art education, graphics and design (reaccreditation); 7M01416-Art education, graphics and design (reaccreditation); 6B01402 - Music education (reaccreditation); 7M01402-Music education; 6B02109-Choreography; 7M01101-Pedagogy and Psychology (reaccreditation); 8D02301-Philology; 8D02308-Adebiettanu; 6B02302-Translation business; 7M02302-Translation business; 6B01511-Chemistry in English; 6B01512-Chemistry and Biology; 7M05301-Chemistry; 8D05301-Chemistry; 6B01514-Biology in English; 7M05101-Biology; 8D05101-Biology; 7M05203-Geography; 8D05203-Geography.
The University will be visited by an expert team consisting of 19 people from the Independent Accreditation and Rating Agency (IAAR). The external visit of the experts will take place in a hybrid format (offline + online).

The program of the event includes meetings with the university management, faculty, students of the institute, representatives of employers and the practice base, as well as graduates of educational programs.

We wish the staff of accredited educational programs.