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Application for recruitment to a vacant post


Name of the vacant position:

Senior specialist of the Department of Education, Social Work and Youth Policy


The main functional responsibilities of the structural unit:

─ Be responsible for the quality of the organisation of annual, seasonal events

─ Carry out the work of cultural events at the company level, aimed at enhancing the education and spiritual development of students

─ Be responsible for the correct maintenance of the departmental records and ensure that they are sent to the appropriate authorities in a timely manner

─ To be responsible for the observance of internal order and the performance of hostel duty. Report to the appropriate authorities in the event of non-compliance

Coordinate the activities of institutes, departments of the University for educational and social work in the following areas: cultural work and patriotic education

Main job responsibilities:

─ Maintain a policy of informing the management of the Company, of potential or existing violations of the anti-corruption policy, conflict of interest policy and the requirements of other internal regulations of the University on combating corruption.

─ Coordinate the work of settling undergraduate and graduate students into the dormitories;

─ be responsible for the timely completion of the annual medical examination of students and undergraduates

─ Work on organizing competitions and castings to identify talented students

Going on business trips:

If necessary



Higher education

Required professional experience (duration, field, other)

At least 1 (one) year of education.


Professional Competencies:

Ability to work with documentation, to process and analyze text and statistical information, draw conclusions, work in a team, translate documents (from Russian into Kazakh, etc.), clearly and competently express their thoughts, analyze and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the organization, identify sources of risks, to develop and implement measures to prevent / minimize risks

Personal competences and qualities:

Sociability, conscientiousness, proactive attitude to life, stress resistance, creativity, good organizational skills, punctuality, easy to learn, accuracy.

Knowledge of languages, including the national language (list of languages the candidate must be proficient in)

Kazakh - fluently

Russian - fluently

English - will be an advantage


Computer skills:

Good knowledge of MS Office package, GoogleDrive/Docs/Meet, ZOOM.

Resume submission deadline:


Contact Person:






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