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Application for recruitment to a vacant post


Vacancy is closed


Name of the vacant position:

Head of internal audit

The main functional responsibilities of the structural unit:

- Audits and evaluates the financial and economic performance of the Company;
- Evaluates the effectiveness of the use of the result-oriented budget of the Company;
- Audits the risk management of the Company`s internal control system;
- assesses compliance with the requirements of legislation of Kazakhstan, international agreements, internal documents of the Company and implementation of instructions and decisions of the Board of Directors of the Company and evaluates the systems created to comply with these requirements;
- Evaluate the adequacy of measures used by the Company`s structural units to ensure the achievement of their goals as part of the Company`s strategic goals;
- evaluates the implementation of and compliance with the adopted corporate governance principles, corresponding ethical standards and values in the Company
- evaluate the effectiveness of receipt by the Company`s relevant bodies and structural divisions of information on issues related to risks and internal control;
- Prepare recommendations based on the results of control activities (inspections) carried out by the Service in the structural units of the Company;
- monitors the implementation of recommendations made by the external auditor by the Company;
- carries out follow-up control over implementation of recommendations of the Service issued in accordance with the established procedure;
- advises the Board of Directors, Management Board, structural divisions of the Company on the issues of organizing the internal control and internal audit systems
- Performs other functions assigned to the Service, within the limits of its competence and not affecting the principle of its independence.

Main job responsibilities:

- Planning and organising the activities of the Service, ensuring preparation of the Service`s work plan for the relevant year and monitoring its implementation;
- Ensuring elaboration of documents regulating the activities of the Service including methodological recommendations on internal audit and other documents related to the Service`s activities
- Providing timely reports on the Service activity to the Board of Directors of the Company;
- Periodically evaluating the relevance of the objectives and functions of the Service in achieving its goals (not less than once a year)
- submitting of proposals on definition of quantitative structure, staff list, the Service terms of appointment, appointment of the Service staff members as well as preschedule termination of their powers, working procedures of the Service, the size and terms of payment and remuneration of the Staff, imposing of disciplinary punishments on the Staff and organizational-technical support of the Service
- Taking measures on increase of professional level of the Service staff
- Initiating of convening of a meeting of Board of Directors on issues that are included into the competence of the Service
- Taking decisions on all matters, which are included in the competence of the Service.

Going on business trips:



Higher professional education (financial-economics)

Required professional experience (duration, field, other)

Not less than 5 years of work experience in audit and/or accounting and/or finance.


Professional Competencies:

Mandatory presence of qualification certificate "Auditor", obtained in correspondence with Law of RK "About auditing activity" and/or CIA internal auditor certificate, and/or ACCA and/or CPA chartered accountant certificate, and/or DIPiFR diploma.

Personal competences and qualities:


Knowledge of languages, including the national language (list of languages the candidate must be proficient in)

Proficiency in Kazakh and English languages is preferred

Computer skills:


Resume submission deadline:


Contact Person:

Jumadilov Adil

8-727-293-81-19  +77479880925