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Dear colleagues!


Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University announces the start of the intra-university competition "The best teacher of Abai KazNPU-2023". The annual competition is held in order to identify and promote the high achievements of teaching staff in the field of teaching methods and possession of modern teaching technologies.


The competition is held in the following categories:

1) "Innovative teaching skills" (methodology);

2) "Integration of scientific research and teaching";

3) "Sharing the experience of Abai KazNPU" (open to all categories of employees);

4) "Integration of national values into the educational process";

5) "Digital teacher".


The competition is open to full-time teachers and employees of the administrative and managerial staff of the university. Applications for participation in the competition can be submitted by individuals or groups of up to six people. Applications of candidates signed by the heads of structural divisions and competitive materials must be submitted to the Office of Institutional Efficiency by April 30, 2023 on paper and by e-mail:


The conditions, criteria and the necessary list of documents for participation in the competition are presented in the Rules of the intra-university competition "The best teacher of the Abai KazNPU".


According to the results of the competition, the winners will be awarded and encouraged by the prize fund.


The rules of the intra-university competition are attached.


We wish you all good luck!