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Department of Chemistry carries out scientific cooperation with the following organizations:

- A.B.Bekturov Institute of Chemical Sciences;

- D.V.Sokolsky Institute of Fuel, Organic Catalysis and Electrochemistry;

- Technopark «Institute of Polymer Materials and Technology»;

- Institute of Gorenje Problemy at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University;

- Scientific and Production Enterprise «Antigen» LLP;

- K.I.Satpayev Institute of Geological Sciences;

- NPTC «Zhalyn» LLP;

- JSC "Institute of Metallurgy and Enrichment".


Scientific projects and research of the Department of Chemistry:

Fundamental projects carried out under a grant from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan:

1. Research topic «Obtaining liquid fuel from combustible minerals and reuse of waste from this process», project supervisor - PhD, Associate Professor E.Tileuberdi;

2. Research topic «The creation of sensors for the determination of pesticides by electrochemical methods», project supervisor - PhD Y.Bakytkarim;

3. Research topic «Development of bactericidal carbon-silicon filters for air purification», project supervisor - PhD D.A.Baiseitov;

4. Research topic «Methodological foundations for the formation of functional natural science literacy of schoolchildren in accordance with PISA», project performer - Associate Professor Zh.S.Mukataeva;

5. Research topic «Innovative methods of synthesis and technologies for the production of functional inorganic and organic substances and materials from natural and man-made raw materials Alkyl- iaryl sulfochlorination of beta-aminopropioamidoximes using methods of classical and «green» chemistry, biological screening of products», project performer - Professor N.A.Bektenov.


Scientific research funded by other organizations:

1. Research topic «Development and composite technology of a material based on modified sulfur for use in road construction materials» under an agreement with JSC NWF Samruk-Kazyna, project supervisor - PhD, Associate Professor E.Tileuberdi;

2. The topic of the study is «Preparing future teachers of natural sciences to implement issues of social and humanitarian security of man and society in the organization of the educational process», a joint project with the Belarusian State Pedagogical University named after Maxima Tanka, project performer - Associate Professor Zh.S.Mukataeva.


Publications, monographs, textbooks, teaching aids of the Department of Chemistry for 2023:

Articles published in journals indexed in Scopus - 7;

List of journals recommended by the Committee for Quality Assurance in the Field of Science and Higher Education of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan-15;

Participation in scientific conferences of the near abroad and far abroad - 17;

Availability of monographs, textbooks, teaching aids - 4.

The Hirsch index of the faculty of the department:

D.A.Bayseitov h-index - 10;

A.K.Zharmagambetova h-index - 9;

E.Tileuberdi h-index - 7;

A.Baeshov, Z.Zheksenbayeva, T.K.Dzhumadilov, K.A.Kadirbekov h-index - 4;

H.N.Zhanbekov, Zh.M.Zhaxibayeva, Y.Bakhytkarim, A.B.Uzakova h-index - 3;

N.A.Bektenov, G.T.Dyusenbayeva h-index - 2;

M.N.Abdikarimov, A.E.Sagimbayeva, N.S.Chinibayeva, Zh.S.Mukataeva, K.A.Sadykov, N.A.Shadin, T.N.Akylbekova h-index - 1.


Annual report on research and development work-2023