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Information about student accommodation in Abai University dormitories for 2023-2024 academic year

In Abai KazNPU for 2023-2024 academic year 2964 applicants became the owners of state educational grants. In addition, the admission of applicants to the paid department is underway. In the coming academic year, 4015 students will study in the 2nd year, 4155 in the 3rd year, 4285 in the 4th year.

The total number of places in five dormitories, which are under the administrative control of the university, is 2086.

Thus, dormitory No.1 is located at 35, Tole Bi St. (capacity - 280 places); dormitory No.2 - 82, Kunayeva St. (266 places); dormitory No.3 - 34, Kazybek Bi St. (256 places); dormitory No.5 - 56B, Abay Ave. (624 places); dormitory No.8 - 61, Sh.Ualikhanova St. (660 places).

In addition, a co-operation agreement was signed between the university and individual entrepreneurs. According to these agreements the total number of places in 7 hostels and hostels is 1886 places. A situation centre has been set up in the Abai Student Center at 30/1 Kazybek bi street, where university staff provide consultations for students. There is a hotline to consider the appeals of students and parents (87478486516).

Outreach work with them is carried out through meetings in social networks and on the Zoom platform.


Algorithm of accommodation of students of KazNPU named after Abay in the hostel:

1. from August 10 to 20, 2023 - accepting online applications from students for a place in the dormitory;
2. review of applications by a special commission - from August 20 to 25;
3. verification of the list of students placed in the dormitory in accordance with the order of admission - August 25;
4. August 26 - publish the list of students who have received documents for placement in the dormitory;
5. August 28-30 - placement of students in dormitories.