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Dear Applicant!


Vacancy is closed


"Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University" NJSC (hereinafter - the University) announces a competitive selection for the vacant position - Deputy Director for Academic Affairs of the Institute of Philology.


Qualification requirements: higher and (or) postgraduate education, master`s degree and (or) academic degree and (or) PhD degree, work experience in organisations of higher and (or) postgraduate education not less than 5 years not below the position of a teacher.


According to the results of the competitive selection, the competition committee has the right to recommend applicants who did not pass the competition for admission to the personnel reserve of the University for another category of managerial positions from among the administrative and managerial staff.


If you are interested in participating in the competition, please send your documents by 24 August 2023 (inclusive).


Competition documents can be submitted in a scanned version to the e-mail:, as well as accepted in person at the address: 13 Dostyk Avenue, Almaty (office 103, 1st floor), on working days from 9.00 to 18.00 hrs.


The date, place and format of the competition will be announced additionally.


Telephone numbers for enquiry: 8(727)291-82-57.


Persons wishing to participate in the competition shall submit:

1) CV;

2) copies of diplomas on higher education, academic and scientific degree (if any), document on scientific title (if any) and originals for verification;3) presentation of projects (in electronic form, not more than 5 slides) reflecting the following topics:

1) "The overall vision of the Institute for the next 3 years";

2) "Innovations in academic activities";

3) "Development of scientific activity";

4) "Modernisation and design of educational programs".


General requirements to the presentation: the average calculation of time required for 1 (one) presentation should be no more than 7 minutes, recommended font size ≥ 20.


The participant of the competition has the right to provide additional information concerning his/her education, work experience, professional level (list of scientific publications, recommendations from the management of the previous place of work), etc.


*In case of passing the competition it is necessary to provide a full list of documents.