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Dear Colleagues!


The Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University is glad to inform you about the continuation of the lecture cycle organized as part of the research project IRN AP14871932 «Audiovisual plots of Social History and Cultural Memory of Kazakhstan Society (late 19-early 21 centuries)».


Venue: Abai university, Zoom online platform.


Link for connection:


Conference identifier: 880 774 6662


Access code: P7S7WB


Historical narratives produced or examined by historians in the text are no less vividly and clearly manifested in audiovisual embodiment, which is often a representative reflection of sociocultural processes and the content of the cultural memory of Kazakhstan society: from loss and oblivion, through the design and hybridity of forms - to gaining new historical subjectivity. With visual immersion in the historical and anthropological context of the studied images, it is necessary to distinguish the optical perception, the importance of cultural methods of perception and how cultural knowledge is reproduced in images.


The project is studying the plots of social history and cultural memory in the narratives of the studied period, in photographs, art, films, in sustainable topics, techniques, images, cliches, etc.; study of the continuity and conflict of visual narratives of cultural memory; study of audio (sound) content of narratives of social history and cultural memory of Kazakhstan society; The study of musical and song practices as forms and instruments of preservation, relay or invention by various actors of traditional aesthetics, lost or censored in the Soviet period of the contents of cultural memory, their transformation, mimicry, hybridity or reconnectivatization in order to maintain certain accents to maintain the identity. Attention will be paid to the conceptualization of sound and visual filling of historical narratives, understanding the ideological, aesthetic and pragmatic causes of the choice of a particular sound (music or other type of sound flow: more authentic or extrapolated from other cultures) or visual image in them.


The lectureurium consists of two episodes:

For the spring series of public lectures (March-April 2023), researchers from various scientific fields were invited to present their research on audio-visual materials.


For the autumn series of public lectures (August-September 2023), interim results of the work of the project research group will be presented.