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Dear students!


The list of students who have received referrals for five hostels of Abai university has been published. We kindly ask 1st year students to be accommodated in the hostels according to this list until September 4, 2023, and 2nd, 3rd, 4th year students - until September 18, 2023. And a referral from the situation centre is not required, as the list contains all the information regarding the hostel where the student will live. The referral is issued in the dormitory where he/she will move in.


Information about the location of the dormitories:

- Dormitory No. 1 (35 Tole Bi St.);

- Dormitory No. 2 (82 Kunayev St.);

- Dormitory No. 3 (34, Kazybek bi str.);

- Dormitory No. 5 (56 b Abai str.).

- Dormitory No. 8 (64, Ualikhanov str.).


For additional questions, please contact the contact number below:

Hotline phone number: 8 747 848 65 16.


List of students who have been assigned to a dormitory