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Abai KazNPU: issues with dormitories are being resolved

Abai KazNPU reports the following regarding the incident that occurred in the Situation Centre. Thus, on August 28, 2023, about 150 people, students and their parents, who did not get a place in the dormitory, came to the Situation Centre of Abai KazNPU. It was reported that beds in five dormitories of the university had already been distributed among students from socially vulnerable groups, mainly from the first year. The management of the university held an explanatory conversation with students and their parents with offers of accommodation in hostels, with which the university had previously signed agreements. However, many parents, despite the lack of places, demanded that their children be accommodated in the hostels of the university. Today the situation has stabilised. Many students have been placed in hostels. Nevertheless, there are parents and students who refuse the offered places in them.

On the September 4 of this year the work on issuing of directions to the hostels for first-year students will be completed, after which an analysis will be made, according to the results of which a list of students who refused to move into the hostels of the university will be compiled. Students from the reserve list will take their places.


It should be noted that during the distribution of places in the dormitories, first priority is given to students from large families, orphans, disabled and other privileged students from the first year, which were not the persons involved in the incident.