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To the attention of final year students!

The Department of the Agency for Public Service in Almaty announces the selection to the Talent Pool, the purpose of which is to attract active and talented young people to the civil service.

The Talent Pool is formed from among the citizens of Kazakhstan who are in their final year of study in educational institutions of postgraduate (master`s and doctoral), or higher or post-secondary, or technical and professional education.

talents group formation is held annually from September to June and consists of the following stages:

1) Registration of participants by submitting an application form.

2) Writing an essay.

3) Completing a training programme at the Academy and its branches and developing a project.

4) Completion of industrial practice and presentation of the project.

Participants are obliged to provide accurate information during registration and keep it up to date during all stages.

Each participant can register for the project only once.

For all questions please contact us by phone:8-727-2549030