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TikTok-challenge "Long live the teacher!"


Department of Pedagogy of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology of Abay KazNPU in anticipation of the celebration of Teacher`s Day holds TikTok-challenge "Long Live the Teacher!" (hereinafter - Challenge).


The purpose of the Challenge is to popularise the profession of a teacher, to increase students` interest in pedagogical activity, to form the skills of a teacher of the XXI century.


The period of the Challenge is from September 26 to October 9 2023.


The Challenge is held for 2nd year undergraduate students studying on educational programs "6B0-Pedagogical Sciences".


To participate in the Challenge, it is necessary to create a video clip demonstrating your respect for the teaching profession and aimed at revealing its true essence, raising the status of a teacher.


The video should be created and posted until 4 October this year on your social network page (TikTok or Instagram, YouTube) with the hashtag #ЖасасынҰстаз.


This is a great opportunity to show yourself and express your gratitude to the teaching profession.


We are waiting for all those interested!