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The research directions of the Department of Biology correspond to the actual tasks of modern biological science and education are carried out within the framework of the National Strategy for the Conservation of Biodiversity and Sustainable Development. Conservation and rational use of the natural resources of our planet is today a global problem at the interstate level. The preservation of natural nature and the human habitat itself threatens the process of climate change that has begun. The combination of global warming with other environmental stresses and human activities can lead to the rapid death of existing ecosystems, especially in arid regions, which include most of the territory of Kazakhstan.


The modern assessment of the species diversity of the flora of Kazakhstan, the resource potential and recommendations for their use are the scientific basis for their conservation and balanced use, allow to limit the anthropogenic impact on exploited species and preserve their biodiversity for future generations.


The scientific projects in which the staff of the department participated are distinguished by the scientific novelty and practical significance of the research results.


Teaching staff of the Department of Biology carries out scientific cooperation with the following organizations:

- RSE "Institute of Microbiology and Virology" MSHE RK;

- RSE "Institute of Botany and Phytointroduction" MSHE RK;

- Al-Farabi Kazakh National University;

- LLP "Center for remote sensing and geographic information systems Terra";

- RSE "Institute of Human and Animal Physiology MSHE RK;

- "Center for hypoxic training and hypoxytherapy" RSE "Institute of Human and Animal Physiology" MSHE RK;

- RSE "Institute of Zoology" MSHE RK;

- Almaty Zoological Park;

- Academy of Preventive Medicine of the Ministry of Health and SR RK;

- Research Institute of them Atchabarova at KazNMU named after Asfendiyarova.

- RSE on PCBs "RLV" KVKiN of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Republican Veterinary Laboratory", Almaty;

- Laboratory of Bioengineering and Regenerative Medicine at the National Laboratory Astana Nazarbayev University;

- National Academy of Education named after Y.Altynsarina, Astana;

- Republican Scientific and Practical Center "Daryn", Astana.


Scientific projects and research over the last 3 years:

Fundamental works and works performed under the grant of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan:

1. Research topic: "Methodological foundations of the formation of functional natural science literacy of students in accordance with PISA studies", project supervisor: PhD Maimataeva A.D.;

2. Research topic: "AP13068068 - selection and molecular screening of resistant to fungal diseases of apple varieties using DNA marker technology", project supervisor: PhD Galymbek K.;

3. Research topic: "Identification of carriers of Bt genes of resistance to hard smut (Tilletiacaries (DC) Tul.) in Kazakhstan and foreign germplasm using DNA technologies and creation of promising wheat lines for introduction into organic farming" project supervisor: PhD Madenova A.K.;

4. Research topic: "Roadmap: Training of foreign language teachers" project supervisor: Akhmetova A.B., Master`s degree, teacher;

5. Research topic: "Development of technology of new types of cheeses and beverages from functional whey with the use of vegetable supplements" scientific supervisor of the project: Siman K.Zh. Candidate of Biological Sciences, senior lecturer;

6. Research topic: "Inventory of wild animals of arid territories of the Balkhash-Alakol basin with an assessment of threats to their conservation and sustainable use, BR21882199", project performer: Nurkenov T.T., PhD;

7. Research topic: "Development of the Red Book of Animals of Kazakhstan and an electronic database on rare and endangered animals, BR18574058" performer in the project: Nurkenov T.T., PhD.


Scientific research funded by other organizations

1. Research topic "Promotion of pedagogical education on climate change through cooperation between Asian centers of Excellence in education for Sustainable development" funded by UNESCO, Okayama University (Japan) Kaimuldinova K.D., Amanbayeva M.B., Zhumagulova K.A., etc;

2. Research topic "Introduction of new climate change training courses into pedagogical education programs" project supervisor: Amanbayeva M.B., PhD, Acting Associate Professor, Zhumagulova K.A. Ph.D., Associate Professor.


Scientific research funded by the rector of KazNPU named after Abay

1. Research topic "The current state of Ephedraeguisetina Bunge resources in the north-western part of the Zhetysu Alatau and their rational use" project supervisor - Aidarbayeva D.K., PhD, Professor;

2. Research topic "Metagenomics as a tool for identification and molecular genetic characteristics of new potentially dangerous microorganisms viruses" project leader - Amanbayeva M.B., PhD, Acting Associate Professor.

3. Research topic: "Methodological basis for integrating the results of studies of fauna biodiversity using the example of the Ile-Balkhash region into the educational process in the interests of sustainable development" project leader: Amanbaeva M.B., PhD, Acting Associate Professor.


Articles published in journals indexed in Scopus in 2023 - 35, 2022 - 34, 2021 - 6, 2020 - 11.


The provision of the student research club «Biology»


Annual report of scientific research work for 2022 year


List of doctoral students who have graduated from the EP "8D05101 - Biological and related sciences (Biology)"

Annual report of scientific research work for 2021 year


The plan of research work of students, undergraduates and doctoral students of the educational program in Biology for 2021 year


Materials of the International scientific-practical conference «30th anniversary of Kazakhstan`s independece: Actual problems of biology and environment education in high schools and institutes (innovation and experience)»


Plan of the scientific seminar EP Biology


Annual report of scientific research work for 2020 year


Implementation of the image policy KazNPU them. Abay contributed to the active participation of the department staff in international and national conferences, seminars and round tables:
International Scientific and Practical Conference "Ecology and wildlife conservation" (Almaty, November 6, 2018);
Head. Department. Ass. prof. Zhaksybaev MB was the moderator of the seminar together with the Republican school for gifted children "Daryn" (05.11.2018. KazNPU named after Abay).
The project "Development of new information systems and database optimization for monitoring problems of atmospheric air intensity" (MES RK 2018 with the participation of Professor Mynbayeva B.N.
Research work at the department is carried out in the following areas:
1. "The current state and prospects of research on biodiversity of Kazakhstan." Theme leaders: Ph.D., Professor Imankulova SK; Doctor of Biology, Professor Aidarbayeva D.K.
1.1 Ecological aspects of the functioning of biological systems in modern conditions (PhD, professor Imankulova SK, teacher Amanbekova D.M., Phd doctoral candidate Maimataev A.).
Natural ecosystems of Almaty and East Kazakhstan region were considered as biological systems. This approach is recommended as a basis for analyzing the state and functioning of natural biological systems with all UN environmental conventions that are signed in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Work was carried out on a comparative analysis of the ecological state and function of background undisturbed ecosystems in the territory of Charyn, Ile - Alatau and Tarbagatai State National Park. The state of soil and vegetation cover was also assessed. The general characteristics of the ecosystem on the studied sites are given and the main factors of anthropogenic transformation are revealed. According to the results of the research, articles were published and a report was made at the international scientific-practical conference. Graduate students were involved in scientific research and participated in the scientific and practical conference of students KazNPU them. Abay (11/17/2017), where Kulmanbetova Diana, a 1st year undergraduate in the specialty 5B060700-Biology, took 3rd place (supervisor professor Imankulova SK), also a 2nd year undergraduate, Bugenov Nurzhan, took 6th degree 2nd place at the annual Republican competition NIRS (supervisor professor Imankulova SK). As part of the research, Professor Imankulova S.K. and a PhD 3-year doctoral candidate participated in an international scientific-practical conference with presentations (Russia, St. Petersburg, November 13-17, 2017).
1.2. The current state of the plant resources of the South-East of Kazakhstan and the ways of their balanced use (Doctor of Biology, Professor Aydarbayeva DK; Ph.D., Associate Professor Musaev KL).
A comprehensive analysis of the species diversity of the useful plants of Kazakhstan within the South-East will allow developing the main directions of balanced use, conservation and research on the subject of abstractions for practicing plants. metal and alkoxia of high-quality, cystic, vitamine, wild fruits and thrombosis. The research work is carried out within the framework of a cooperation agreement with the Institute of Botany and Phytointegration of the MES RK. As a result of resource studies and ethnobotanical surveys of the South-East of Kazakhstan, the current state and floristic composition of plant communities with the participation of official medicinal, vicar and other useful plants have been established. The distribution of more than 150 and the resources of 50 species of useful plants (food, medicinal, tannic, fodder, dye, essential oil, etc.) have been revealed. According to the results of the study released in the article. Presentations at international conferences. Doctoral students, undergraduates and students were involved in scientific research and participated in the republican annual research competition of students and undergraduates of universities, where undergraduates of the 2nd course of Seidakhmetov Aidan and Seidakhmetov Guldana, in the specialties "5B011300-Biology" took the 1st and 2nd places (research supervisor professor Aidarbaeva D .TO.). As part of the research, the doctoral candidate - Sholpankulova G. passed a research internship abroad and participated in international scientific conferences with reports (Russia, Moscow - St. Petersburg).
Doctoral student Dzharylkapova Sandukash participated in the international scientific-practical conference in St. Petersburg (November 14-17, 2017)
1.3. Study of biodiversity of floodplain plants (Ph.D., Professor Shalabayev KI, Ph.D. Bayzhigitov DK).
Biological and ecology of the horned Lyadvents (LotuscorniculatusL.) Was studied as biological objects under floodplain of the Irtysh River. Lyadvenets horned perennial legume herbaceous plant. For the first time this plant has been studied in flood-plain floodplain meadows of Almaty and Pavlodar regions. Bioecological feature of this plant is as follows; feeding food from it does not lead to excessive obesity of animals, does not cause them timpani, well withstand long-term flooding compared with other leguminous plants like alfalfa, espartset, sweet clover, etc. According to research results published articles. Graduate students were involved in scientific research and took part in the Republican annual research competition of undergraduate and graduate students of higher educational institutions, where Bashenova Marzhan, a 2 nd year undergraduate majoring in 6M011300 -Biology, was awarded a diploma of 2nd degree by the MES RK (research supervisor Professor Shalabayev KI).
2. Experimental mutagenesis of cultivated plants and aspects of its genetic-breeding doctrine. The head of the theme is Ph.D., professor Kenzhebaeva Z.S.
2.1. The increase in the content of microelements and their bioavailability in wheat thermoplasm based on integral methods (Prof. Kenzhebaeva Z.S.).

On the basis of the existing breeding material (spring and winter wheat varieties; Saratovskaya 29, Saratovskaya 36, Saratovskaya 42), chromosomes were identified that control such signs as resistance to Al salts, bioavailability of trace elements. For the identification of chromosomes, a series of aneuploid lines were used; as a result, spinous and awnless forms were obtained, which differ in chromosomes 3A, 2B, 4D. According to the study published an article.
2.2. Radioactive mutagenesis of wheat (Master of Biology, senior lecturer Dzhunusova R.Zh.). The goal of the research is to study the mutagenesis of spring wheat under the influence of radioactive radiation and chemical compounds. According to the results of research the thesis was performed. Graduate students were involved in scientific research and participated in the 72nd scientific-practical conference of students KazNPU them. Abaya, where Tөlen Meyrіm 3-year student of the specialty "5B060700-biology" took the 2nd place (supervisor of the senior teacher Dzhunusova R.Zh.).
3. Biological resources and biological-ecological monitoring of the natural environment of Kazakhstan.
Leader of the topic: Ph.D., Professor Mynbayeva B.N.
3.1 Increase of fish stocks of the species of parasalma (O.) Saltfish in the water bodies of Kazakhstan through the preservation of its genetic diversity and valuable commercial qualities under conditions of prolonged acclimatization. Grant of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan 2015-2017, state registration number 0115РК00844), executors: Ph.D., professor Mynbayeva B.N., Dr.Sc., professor Seylova L.B.
The development of general methods of genetic analysis was carried out in the laboratory of biomonitoring KazNPU them. Abay and in the laboratory of taxonomy and population fish ecology of the biological faculty of Moscow State University. Lomonosov. DNA of the collected fish populations was isolated. General methods of genetic analysis allowed to conduct research on the genetic analysis of Kazakhstan populations of rainbow trout mykiss. An expedition to study the water bodies of the Almaty region. during the summer period of 2017. As a result of the research, the hydrochemical monitoring of the rainbow trout population in Kazakhstan`s water bodies was carried out for the first time: oz. Buzumbay and Uryukta, r. Alken-Kakpak, Shelek, Tekes, Bayincol, Ornek and Sharyn. Cameral processing of the results was carried out in the field and in the laboratory of biomonitoring KazNPU them. Abaya. Prepared and published articles in journals with impact factors.
4. Biological and environmental education in secondary and higher education: state, problems and development prospects. The head of the topic is doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor Zh.B.Childebaev.
To implement the goal and objectives of research, creative and research work of doctoral students of the department is systematically carried out on the following research topics: "Methods of formation of information and communication competence of future teachers of biology" (executor - Mamataeva AD; leaders - Ph.D., Professor Shildebayev Zh.B., Ph.D., Professor Imankulova S.К., "Intensification of students` independent work as a means of ensuring the quality of studying invertebrate zoology in a pedagogical university" (performer - Shinisherova Ғ.B. . Heads - D.Sc., Professor Zh.B. Shіldebaev, Ph.D., Associate Professor Esimov B.K.)
As part of the research, doctoral students - Maimatayev AD, Shinisherova GB, Sholpankulova underwent research internship abroad and participated in International scientific and practical conferences with reports (Russia, Moscow - St. Petersburg).
In addition, doctoral students participated in conferences and seminars on scientific and pedagogical areas at the regional level: the Research Institute of Zoology, Microbiology and Virology, Botany and in Pedagogical Universities and secondary schools.
According to the result of the research, performers with their leaders published articles with non-zero impact factor, RSCI and in the VAK journal.
5. The effect of stress factors and biologically active substances on the physiological and biochemical processes of plants. Leaders of the topic: Ph.D., Art. prep. Isabekov B.M., Ph.D., associate professor Zagritsenko I.P.
5.1 Study of the osmotic properties of plant protoplasts resistant to stressors of the environment (PhD, senior lecturer Isabekov BM).
Parenchymal cells of plants resistant to frost and other environmental factors were used as an object of study. The mechanism of frost resistance is largely associated with the ability of cells to resist dehydration and volume reduction and in this way reduce the harmful effect of frost stress. According to the study published articles.
5.2 The influence of stress factors on the growth and development of various plants (Associate Professor Zagritsenko I.P.).
In this subtopic, the effect of various stress factors (salts, chemical elements) on plant processes is studied. The objects of the study were plant cells, seedlings of various cultures, adult plants.
Studies have been carried out on the effects of salt stress on the water regime of wheat seedlings, the effect of alkali and alkaline earth metals, heavy metals and other chemicals on plant growth processes. The physiological and biochemical features of heat-resistant potato plants were studied. Graduate students were involved in scientific research and participated in the 72nd scientific-practical conference of students KazNPU them. Abay, where Saydullaeva Aisara is a 3rd year student, took 2nd place (head, Ph.D., associate professor Zagritsenko I.P.).
5.3 Influence of biologically active substances on plant processes (Ph.D., associate professor Zagritsenko I.P., Saimova R., Bukharbaeva J., Atyraubaeva R.). In this subtopic, the effect of biologically active substances on plant processes is studied. The influence of phytohormones on the invitro potato micro-formation process was studied, the influence of exogenous phytohormones and microelements on growth processes and potato yields, and the phytohormone regulation of growth rates of different potato varieties was studied. The dynamics of ascorbic acid content during storage of potato tubers, the effect of apple fruit storage conditions on ascorbic acid content, and the effect of group vitamins were studied.
Graduate students were involved in scientific research and took part in the Republican annual research competition of students and undergraduates of universities, where Saylaubek Ziyagul, a 3rd year student of the specialty 5B011300 -Biology, was awarded a diploma of 2 degrees from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan ).
Also, research was conducted on the topic: "Features of physical activity of students in the modern educational environment" in the framework of the State Healthcare Development Program "Salamatty Kazakhstan" for 2015-2020 "(Dr. med. Professor Balgimbekov Sh.A. and teacher Zharylkasynova Zh.M.).
The aim of the project was to assess the level of physical activity of young people enrolled in higher educational institutions in the modern educational environment, and the development of practical recommendations aimed at improving the efficiency of students` physical activity. The object of the study was students enrolled in the I-IV courses of the Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abai. Modern methods of functional diagnostics, statistical analysis were used.
Also research was carried out on initiative topics:
- Under the guidance of a senior teacher, Ph.D. Tashenova G.K. studies were conducted on the topic: "Screening studies of the spread of especially dangerous infectious diseases." The purpose of the study was to study the methods of laboratory diagnostics and the epizootic situation of especially dangerous animal infections, such as brucellosis, rabies and anthrax in the Almaty region and Almaty, to determine the significance and effectiveness of screening methods used in laboratory diagnostics, and the possibility of introducing immunochromatographic analysis in veterinary medicine. practice in rural areas.
- Under the guidance of the professor of the department, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Tungushbaeva Z.B. Research was continued on the topic: "The Effects of Heavy Metals of the Environment on the Animal Body".
- Professor Babashev A.M. conducted research in the framework of the theme "The study of the psycho-physiological state of students."
Under the guidance of associate professor, Ph.D. Batyrova K.I. Studies on the study of semi-novolous animals under the conditions of the Almaty Zoo were continued. The results of the research were reported at the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation", 2018, students` performance at the annual scientific conference.
- Associate Tatarinova G.Sh. She continued research on the topic "Study of psycho-physiological and cardio-respiratory parameters in conditions of tension.