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  Maimataeva Asiya Duysengalievna
Head of educational programs: Biology
Senior Lecturer, PhD doctor
Kazybek Bi str, 30


The focus of the department: the preparation of undergraduate students 5В011300 - Biology; 5В060700 - Biology; Masters 6M011300-Biology; 6M060700-Biology and doctoral students 6D011300-Biology, 6D060700 - Biology.

The department has specialized educational laboratories of plant morphology and taxonomy, invertebrate zoology, vertebrate zoology, human and animal physiology, plant biochemistry and physiology, as well as genetics.

The department operates a scientific seminar «Actual problems of biological science», methodical section, student scientific circle «Biology» in the following areas: botany, zoology, human and animal physiology, biochemistry, plant physiology and genetics.

The history of the development of biology in the universities of our Republic begins with the foundation in 1928. the first higher education institution - the Kazakh State Pedagogical Institute. Abay, where one of the first departments were organized Botany and Zoology.

The first organizer and head of the department of botany was Professor P. Bardakov.

On the eastern outskirts of Almaty, the department received a land plot, where assistant P.P. Bardakova, teacher Berezin L.P. organized agrobiological station for experimental work of students. Agrobiological station gradually expanded, overgrown with educational buildings, outbuildings and greenhouses. Thanks to the efforts of the scientist - gardener V.P. Zheludkova here was a large garden, planted a large number of berry crops and ornamental plants.

For many years the department was headed by Ph.D., associate professor Musakulov Talip Musakulovich - the author of the first textbook on botany in the Kazakh language, the Explanatory Biological Dictionary in 6 volumes and a number of valuable textbooks. At the same time, a group of talented young men and women were born. which organically joined the department and for many years was its foundation.

In the period 1985 to 1996. the department was headed by doctor of biological sciences, prof. Ageleuov Esenbay Ageleuovich - one of the prominent Kazakh florists and geobotanists, the author of numerous publications on various aspects of science, the first in the Republic to carry out a detailed analysis of the species composition of the floodplain of the Ural River.

From 1996 to 2018 The department was headed by Ph.D., Professor Imankulova Sofia Kopesbaevna, who is the main author of 10 textbooks and teaching aids on the specialty «Biology», among them the textbook «Botany» in English. She has published over 90 scientific articles including in the journals Scopus, Web of Science and Thomson Reuters and one copyright certificate.

In the period from 2001 to 2018 there was a reorganization of the departments of biological direction, as a result of which the departments of genetics, zoology, biochemistry and plant physiology were joined to the department of botany. These departments were headed by prominent scientists- teachers Mukhambetzhanov Kopzhasar Kogashevich, Demeuov Zhamalkhan Demeuovich, Zhatkanbaev Zhumakhan Zhatkanbaevich, Imankulova Sofya Kopesbaevna.

The history of the development and formation of the department of biology teaching methods is closely related to the department of botany. For a long time, the teaching methods took place in the departments of botany, chemistry, and geography.

In 1969, the methodology of teaching biology separated as a separate department. It was headed by honored botanist - teacher, scientist, associate professor T.M. Musakulov. The first teachers of the department were AKKargulin, S.ZH.Zhumabaev, MGSagitova, Sh.I. Izbasarov, S.N.Obayev, S.O.Orynbekov, K.I. Imankulova.

In 1978-1979 the department was headed by Associate Professor Sh.I. Izbasar. Under his leadership, for the first time, general requirements were developed for pedagogical practices of 4th and 5th year students in schools.
In 1980-1981, the duties of the head of the department was temporarily performed by associate professor K.I. Imankulova.
In 1981, the department was again merged with the department of botany. In 1982-1985, Professor Zh.Zh.Zhatkanbayev, 1985-1991, Professor Ye.A. Ageleuov.

Since January 1991, a new department was established for teaching natural sciences.

Great merit in the discovery, its formation belongs to the first head of the department, associate professor AK Rakhymbekova. Since this person has managed to unite the methodological disciplines read by different departments. These are such as:
- methods of teaching biology;
- methods of teaching geography;
- methods of teaching chemistry;
- methods of teaching natural history;
- methods of teaching natural disciplines;
- technical training facilities;
- pedagogical and industrial practice.

From 1993 to 2001 he headed the department B.A.Mansurov. At this time, the scientific potential of the department rose to a higher level and the scientific and technical base began to strengthen.

From the 2004-2005 academic year, after the university received the status of national, the methodological disciplines formerly disbanded into different departments were re-incorporated into the Department of Chemistry, which became known as the Department of Chemistry and Methods of Teaching Natural Sciences. During this period, the department was headed by a professor, Ph.D. Shokybayev Zh.A.

From 2007 to 2018, the department was called «Technology of teaching natural disciplines». The head was Professor B.A. Mansurov.

In 1968, the Department of «Anatomy, Physiology, Zoology and Life Safety» was formed in KazPI them. Abay and then bore the name «Human and Animal Physiology».

Organizational skills played a major role in the development of the department.

Heads: associate professors Bakhtiozina B.Kh., Aliakbarova Z.M., professors Tolenbekova I.M., Demeuova D.Zh., Rymzhanova K.S., Kanaeva A.T. Thanks to their leadership, a highly qualified team was created that meets the requirements of higher education.

From 2009 to 2018, the department was headed by MD, Professor Sh.A. Balgimbekov.

Since September 2018, the departments «Botany and General Biology», «Anatomy, Physiology, Zoology and Life Safety» and «Science Education Technology» have been reorganized together with the new name «Biology».

Currently, the department is headed by Ph.D., Associate Professor Zhaksybaev Murat Bodenovich.

Currently, the department employs 44 teachers of them doctors of science -3, candidates of sciences-20, of which professors of the MES RK-2, professors of KazNPU named after Abay-8, professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Russian Academy of Sciences) -1, associate professor of KazNPU Abay - 1, associate professors - 6, PhD Doctors-2, PhD, senior lecturer - 4, masters, senior teacher - 8, senior teacher-5, master teachers - 7. The total number of faculty with an academic degree and positions is 68.4%.