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  Maimataeva Asiya Duysengalievna
Head of educational programs: Biology
Senior Lecturer, PhD doctor
Kazybek Bi str, 30



The main purpose of the Biology educational program is aimed at training highly qualified, competitive and in-demand specialists in the field of biological education and science.


The teaching staff of EP Biology conducts educational and social work with students, undergraduates and doctoral students of the specialties "6B01513 - Biology", "6B01514 - Biology", "6B05101 - Biology", "6B05109 - Biotechnology", "7M01513 - Biology", "7M01519 - Biology(1.5 year)", "7M05101 - Biology", "7M05109 - Biotechnology", "8D01513 - Biology", "8D05101 - Biology".


The qualitative composition of the EP biology for the 2021-2022 academic year: Currently there are 48 teachers in Biology (on staff), 7 teachers in non-staff


Academic title

number of teaching staff

Doctor of Sciences, Professor


Candidate, Professor


Candidate of Sciences, Associate Professor


Candidate of Sciences, Senior Lecturer


PhD, Associate Professor


PhD, Senior Lecturer


Master`s degree, Senior Lecturer


Master`s degree, teacher


Senior Lecturer



Among the teaching staff, the following have been honoured: "Best university teacher" - Childebayev Zh.B., the badge of the university "The best teacher" Zhaksybayev M.B., Aidarbayeva D. K. Maimataeva A.D., Babashev A.M., Amanbayeva M. B. Kalybayeva A.M., Musaev K. L. Dzhamilova S.M., Otarova N.I. the badge of the University "Best Employee" - Zhumagulova K.A., Izbasarova R.Sh., Aidarbayeva D.K., Tatarinova G.Sh., Batyrova К.I., Amanbekova D.M., Demeuova L.N., Kulzhanova D.K.


Educational and methodical work. The faculty conducts a large amount of work in the preparation of textbooks and teaching aids for universities and general education institutions in Kazakhstan. Childebaev Zh.B., Dzhumagulova K.A., Tashenova G.K., Kalybaeva AM.,  are the authors of textbooks of a new generation on the program of the updated content of secondary education.


Address: 30, Kazbek bi str.,  office 304, Almaty 050010