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Master Class on Business and non-repayable Government grants organized by the Innovative Business Club "Smart Coach"


On December 8, 2023, there will be master held with the students of 6B01302 -"Primary education with business innovation" on the topic " Business and non-repayable state grants" in the department of "Primary Education" of the institute of Pedagogy and psychology of the Kazakh National pedagogical university named after Abai, organized by the innovative business club "Smart Coach". The goal is improving the level of entrepreneurial education of future primary education teachers and provide information about government grants. Directions of the master class: state non-repayable grants; innovative start-up projects; advices from a business trainer.

Speaker: Kabden Rustam, Founder of Biznesplans, AirFlux, Business trainer of QazInnovation, Astana Hub.


Organizer: Institute of Pedagogy and psychology, Department "Primary education", 3rd year doctoral student Balginbayeva Nurzhaugan.

Contact phone number: 87472039252