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International institutional accreditation with IAAR rating agency

Dear teachers, staff and students!

We are pleased to announce that the Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University is undergoing the procedure of international institutional accreditation with the IAAR rating agency! International accreditation is a recognition of the high quality of education and scientific activities of the university at the world level. This is an important step in the establishment of the university as a center of academic excellence and the growth of its international influence. Advantages of accreditation:

* Confirmation of the high level of educational standards;
* Improving the quality of the educational process and scientific work;
* Expanding international partnerships and opportunities for students and teachers;
* Increasing the competitiveness of graduates in the global labor market, etc.

We ask you to take an active part in this important stage of the development of our university. Your support and contribution to the accreditation process will help us reach new heights and ensure the quality of education at the global level. Your support is important!

The visit of the IAAR external expert commission to the University is scheduled for 02.05.2024-04.05.2024.