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Vacancy: Head of Marketing Department


Name of vacant position:

Head of Marketing Department of the Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abay

Main functional responsibilities of the structural unit:

1)     1) organizing the process to develop long-term and short-term objectives of marketing strategies;

2)     2) market research and competitor analysis: Conducting market research to identify trends in education, understand student needs and preferences, analyze the competitive environment, and determine the university`s advantages;

3)     3) University Promotion: Developing and implementing marketing campaigns to promote the university as an attractive place of study, including advertising campaigns, PR events, participation in exhibitions and education fairs, organization of open days and other activities.

4)     4) University website management, its optimization for search engines, social media management and other online resources for effective communication with the target audience;

5)     5) brand management: Creation and maintenance of the university image, development of brand strategy, logos, slogans and other elements that help the university to stand out from competitors and strengthen its reputation.

6)     6) interaction with other structural units, to coordinate marketing activities and achieve common goals;

7)     7) improvement of risk management aimed at preventing or reducing potentially negative facts.

Essential Job Responsibilities:

carries out operational management of subordinates, ensures the achievement of goals and completeness of fulfillment of tasks and functions assigned to the Department;

determines the main directions of the Company`s media, marketing and career guidance strategy and control over its implementation;

control over the University`s media, marketing and career guidance strategy, including brand promotion, advertising campaigns and public perception management;

overseeing the implementation of student recruitment: Organizing and implementing marketing campaigns to attract new students as well as retaining current students;

market analysis and research: Conducting market research to determine the needs and interests of target audiences and monitoring trends in the educational field;

overseeing the planning and management of the Office`s budget; optimizing expenditures and evaluating the effectiveness of investments in marketing activities;

Media Relations and Public Speaking: Representing the university in the media, managing public speaking engagements and co-operaing and coordinating interviews;

Interfacing with academic and administrative units of the university to ensure alignment of marketing and educational goals;

oversee digital marketing and social media efforts: Develop and implement digital marketing strategies, including content management on the university`s website and social media channels

Travel on business trips:

It is possible to travel on business trips in Kazakhstan and abroad


higher or postgraduate education

An academic degree and an academic master`s degree is an advantage for appointment to the position.

Required professional experience (duration, field, other)

work experience in administrative and managerial positions in state bodies or organizations of education and science, or in the specialty for at least 5 years.

Professional Competencies:

ability to develop long-term marketing strategies, taking into account the goals and needs of the university, as well as the changing situation on the education market;

Knowledge of the peculiarities of the educational services market, competitive environment, needs and expectations of students, as well as trends in education;

Ability to conduct market research, analyze data, and identify trends to make informed decisions in planning and implementing marketing campaigns;

Understanding of digital marketing tools such as social media, content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), contextual advertising, and others, and the ability to use them effectively to engage students and promote the university.

Personal competencies and qualities:

Ability to effectively manage a marketing team, motivate employees, develop their professional skills and achieve common goals;

Ability to communicate effectively with various stakeholders, including university administration, faculties, students, parents, external partners and advertising agencies.

Knowledge of languages, including the state language (list of languages the candidate must be proficient in)

Russian, Kazakh fluent, knowledge of English will be an advantage

Computer Skills:

Proficiency in office programs such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Google Workspace (Docs, Sheets, Slides) or their equivalents;

Basic skills with graphic editors such as Adobe Photoshop or Canva;

Basic knowledge of databases such as Microsoft Access or similar programs

Deadline for submitting resumes: by June 10, 2024.

Contact Person:

Uzakbaeva Nazgul Zhauingerovna, working tel. 291-82-57