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Vacancy: Head of Medialab Marketing Department

Name of vacant position:

Head of Medialab Division of Marketing Department of the Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abay

Main functional responsibilities of the structural unit:

Creating training and informational materials such as videos, podcasts, interactive applications that can be used in training courses and projects.

Organizing seminars, workshops and courses in digital journalism, graphic design, video and audio production, programming and other media-related disciplines.

Providing technical support and advice on the use of media technologies in educational and research projects of the university.

Research activities: Conducting own research in the field of media and technologies, publishing the results in professional journals and conferences.

Monitoring and implementation of new technologies: Tracking the latest trends in media technologies and assessing their potential for implementation in the university`s activities.

Essential Job Responsibilities:

performs operational management of subordinates, ensures achievement of goals and completeness of tasks and functions assigned to the department;

Development of media communications strategy: Defining the strategy and prioritizing the work of the MediaLab department in accordance with the goals and objectives of the university. Development of action plans and control of their implementation.

Media Project Management: Organizing and coordinating work on media projects, including the creation of videos, audio materials, graphic designs and other media content. Ensuring projects are of high quality and meet deadlines.

Team coordination: Assigning tasks, allocating resources, controlling work performance, motivating and developing MediaLab team members. Ensuring effective interaction between team members.

Customer relations: Communicating with internal and external customers regarding media content requirements, clarifying project details, providing advice and recommendations.

Analysis of results: Analyzing the effectiveness of media projects, collecting feedback from the audience, assessing the achievement of goals and making recommendations to optimize the work of the department.

Ensures interaction of the Department with other structural divisions of the university;

Travel on business trips:

It is possible to travel on business trips in Kazakhstan and abroad


Graduate degree in media communications, journalism, film and television or related field.

Required professional experience (duration, field, other)

At least 5 years` experience in media production or media communications, preferably in a university environment.

Professional Competencies:

Strong knowledge of media content creation processes, including working with video, audio and graphics programs.

Project and team management skills. Experience in the role of a project manager.

Personal competencies and qualities:

Ability to communicate effectively with a variety of stakeholders, including university administration, departments, students, parents, external partners and advertising agencies.

Knowledge of languages, including the state language (list of languages the candidate must be proficient in)

Russian, Kazakh fluent, knowledge of English will be an advantage

Computer Skills:

Proficiency in office programs such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Google Workspace (Docs, Sheets, Slides) or their equivalents;

Basic skills with graphic editors such as Adobe Photoshop or Canva;

Basic knowledge of databases such as Microsoft Access or similar programs

Deadline for submitting resumes: by June 10, 2024.

Contact Person:

Uzakbaeva Nazgul Zhauingerovna, working tel. 291-82-57