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Vacancy: Head of the Marketing Department of the Marketing Department


Vacancy title:

Head of Marketing Department of the Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abay

Main functional responsibilities of the structural unit:

Realization of the University`s marketing strategy aimed at expanding the share occupied in the markets of educational, scientific, educational, pedagogical and related services, strengthening and development of relations with potential consumers of the University`s services in the long term by creating a good reputation and trust towards itself, promotion of the University on the international market.

Essential Job Duties:

Management of the department, realization of development of marketing policy of the University, development of strategy and marketing policy, coordination and control over the implementation of the plan of marketing activities.

identifies the characteristics of the quality of educational services provided, the University their difference from similar services of other universities of Kazakhstan and foreign educational institutions;

develops methods for studying demand and developing forecasts of the need for graduates;

studies the need for graduates of the University of all specialties at the enterprises of the industry.

provides collection of information on the requirements for specialists in the field of pedagogy from employers;

coordinates the activities of all functional units to collect and analyze information for the formation of advertising strategy; accepts, processes and brings to the attention of the management and deans of the relevant faculties applications from schools and organizations for graduates of the University;

Travel on business trips:

It is possible to travel on business trips in Kazakhstan and abroad.


Higher education in the field of marketing, advertising, PR or related specialties.

Required professional experience (duration, field, other)

At least 5 years marketing experience, preferably in the education sector.

Professional Competencies:

In-depth knowledge of marketing strategies and tools.

Experience in planning and managing marketing campaigns.

Analytical and data-driven skills for decision making.

Personal competencies and qualities:

Leadership and people management skills.

Excellent communication and teamwork skills.

Readiness to work in a dynamic university environment.

English language skills at least at Intermediate level (preferably).

Readiness for professional development and advanced training in the field of marketing.

Knowledge of languages, including the state language (list of languages the candidate must be proficient in)

Knowledge of Kazakh and Russian language in perfection.

Knowledge of English will be an advantage

Computer Skills:

Proficiency in office programs such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Google Workspace (Docs, Sheets, Slides) or their equivalents;

Basic skills with graphic editors such as Adobe Photoshop or Canva;

Basic knowledge of databases such as Microsoft Access or similar programs

Deadline for submitting resumes: by June 10, 2024.

Contact Person:

Uzakbaeva Nazgul Zhauingerovna, working tel. 291-82-57