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2016/2017 academic year is planned allocation of educational grants for training at the preparatory faculty (foundation) in Abai KazNPU Kazakh nationality for persons who are not citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and also provides grants to improve language training of citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the purpose of further education in the following specialties in the frameworl of  trilingual education "5B011000- Physics", "5B01110- Informatics", " 5B011200-Chemistry ","  5B011300- Biology".

Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University
Preparatory faculty (FOUNDATION)

To the attention  of students!

Preparatory faculty (FOUNDATION) of Abai  Kazakh National Pedagogical University invites.

Each graduate who came to us has different dreams and goals. Our aim is to give proper education to every entrant in the way of your dreams. To achieve entrant dreams need to work hard. We help each applicant to become a student.
Our goal is to create conditions for effective training of students, especially prospective students of pedagogical specialties!
We aim not only to help pass the Unified National Testing (UNT) or complex testing (CT), but also to become owners of the state grant gaining the maximum score. Preparatory Faculty (foundation) provides an opportunity to deepen their knowledge in subjects of UNT and expand their skills. Our training courses will be  conduted by highly qualified specialists..

Objectives of the preparatory faculty (foundation):
• increase the level of of student`s knowledge in the chosen subjects;;
• raising the level of knowledge on general subjects;
• systematize your knowledge on subjects UNT, to familiarize with the methodology;
• preparation for the process of entrance exams and pedagogical, psychological adaptation to training university;
• training in the English language.
Classes are held:
• State and Russian languages;
• educational programs for high school;
• testing in all subjects;
Dear entrants and all who are interested in receiving a prestigious education, acquisition of skills and competencies, we are waiting for you and assure you that at the preparatory faculty (foundation) all the conditions to achieve their goals.
          Do not miss your chance, the number of educational grants is limited, become a student of the preparatory faculty (foundation), so you make the right step to becoming a Professional Specialist!

The selection committee of Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University, Almaty, Kazbek bi street, 30. tel.: 8 (727) 291-73-71
Our address: Almaty, Abay Avenue 56 b, Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University, Preparatory faculty (foundation).
Phone: 8 (727) 392-22-00; Mobile: 8 (747) 290-56-03; 8 (707) 699-41-09.



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