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Higher Education Abroad

Obtained abroad education, qualifications and diplomas are recognized throughout the world. The practical orientation of education abroad allows students to get work experience while studying and after graduation vast majority of graduates already have job or offers from employers Foreign universities actively participate in international scientific research, have an excellent resource base and opportunity to exchange experiences with other universities. Scientific work here is carried out constantly.


Preparatory courses for entry to foreign higher educational institutions

Preparatory courses take in average 30 weeks and in case successful completion guarantee entry to one of the foreign universities. Students wishing to study on a preparatory course must have finished secondary education, be older 17 years and have a sufficient level of knowledge of foreign language.

Advantages of preparatory courses for entry to foreign universities:
- possibility of entering to the foreign university
- wide range of training programs
- module program structure
- language training
- IT training
- Regular testing of knowledge
- support and assistance of teachers
Regardless of age and nationality study abroad can everyone, you only need to meet entry requirements of this or that foreign university. And to meet these conditions helps specially intended for this preparatory course.

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