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The international activity of the Department of Music Education and Choreography of Abai KazNPU is an important component of the development strategy aimed at deepening cooperation with leading foreign universities in the field of music education. Within the framework of this strategic direction, agreements have been successfully concluded with several educational institutions, reflecting the desire to share experiences and develop educational programs at the global level.


Cooperation with the Lithuanian University of Education in Vilnius is indicated by a signed cooperation agreement, the purpose of which is to deepen cooperation in the field of music education, as well as create a platform for sharing experiences and organizing joint events. A key aspect is the development of educational programs aimed at supporting student and teaching experience.


The establishment of partnerships with Marmara University in Turkey is reflected in the signed cooperation agreement. This document is aimed at the development of music education and the exchange of academic experience between universities. Joint research projects and events provide extensive opportunities for professional and creative development.


The Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts has become a strategic partner of the department, which is reflected in the signed agreement. The collaboration includes the leadership of the doctoral student of the department and joint research projects aimed at integrating best practices in the field of music education.


The agreement with the Hanshan Pedagogical University in China establishes a framework for cooperation in education and scientific and technical cooperation. This agreement opens up unique opportunities for the exchange of experience and the development of innovative educational programs that meet modern requirements.


Cooperation with the Moscow State Pedagogical University (Russia), in particular, with the UNESCO Chair, is expressed in the signed agreement. This collaboration is aimed at developing a national and regional music program together with leading specialists and experts in the field. A co-operation agreement was also signed with the Moscow City Pedagogical University. This cooperation includes the development of the creative potential of musical art departments, the development of international projects, academic mobility and opportunities for double-degree education.


Cooperation with the Chinese Central University OF Nations (MEIZU UNIVERSITY OF CHINA) is focused on the development of music education. The signed agreement provides for internship of doctoral students, international projects and academic mobility, which facilitates the exchange of knowledge and experience in the field of music pedagogy.