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List of Students - winners of different contests, Olimpiads etc. in 2020-2021


Annual Report on Scientific and Research Work of Music Education and Choreography Department in 2020


Articles of teaching staff of the department of music education and choreography with impact factor in the Scopus database


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Teachers` articles in the Scopus database


Kamarsulu Ibrayeva

1. The health-saving culture formation among the students in the higher pedagogic education

2. "Development and Implementation of the Project "A Gifted Student""

3. Modern Pedagogical Technologies in Professional Enhancement of Speciaists

4. Communication Through Dialogue Between Preschool Children with Leadership Skills

5. Specific Features of Social Competence Development in the Future Music Teachers Working at Universities


Laura Kakimova

1. Making Art Pedagogy in the System of Education in the Republic of Kazakhstan / Berikzhan A. Almukhambetova, Zhanar O. Nebessayevaa, Akmaral S. Smanovaa, Laura S. Kakimovaa, Kusan T. Musakulovb, and Roza S. Sydykovac //
2. A conceptual approach to developing the creativity of a music teacher in modern educational conditions


Menslu Djeksembekova

1. The health-saving culture formation among the students in the higher pedagogic education
2. Specific Features of Social Competence Development in the Future Music Teachers Working at Universities 

4Lora Narikbaeva


1. Pedagogical system of students` vocational ability development. //«International Journal of Environmental and Science Education» -IJESE 15-264) - August, 2016 - Volume 11 Issue 9 (2016)- Р.Р. 3013-3024.- «Int J Env Sci Ed» (Web of Science)
2. The Self-Development of Non-Academic Intelligence Forms in a Future Pedagogue //« IEJME- mathematics education» (International Electronic Journal of Mathematics Education) - 2016, - VOL. 11, NO. 8, -Р.Р. 2985-2994 
3. University Students` Giftedness Diagnosis and Development. // «International Journal of Environmental and Science Education» - IJESE 15-264) - September, 2016 - Volume 11 Issue 17 (2016)- pp. 10289-10300  
4. Development and implementation of the project "A gifted student" (on the example of universities in Kazakhstan) // «Revista ESPACIOS» - Vol. 39(10) -- 15.11.2017 - pp. 32 (ISSN 0798 1015) 


Aimkul Akhmetovaa 1. Specific Features of Social Competence Development in the Future Music Teachers Working at Universities


Svetlana Balagazova

1. Musical Terminoid Remarks as a Means for Interpretative Reading of the Text and Determinants of Musical Intonation Characteristics
2. Musical-Pedagogical Conditions of Preparation of Teachers for the Implementation of Innovative Process at Modern School
3. Formation of Various Competencies in the Process of Training the Future Music Teachers at the Present Stage

7 Mombek Aliya

1. Postmodernism: Theory and practice of multiculturalism in Europe
//Calitatea Vietii: A Journal of Social-Policy Year XXVII *, No.2* 2016.

2. The Modern Methodology of Shaping Professional Competence Among University Students //Современная методика формирования профессиональной компетенции студентов университета
3. On Cultivating Leadership Qualities in Future Pedagogues during the Process of Building Their Professional Competencies in Higher Education Institutions //О развитии лидерских качеств будущих педагогов в процессе формирования профессиональной компетенции в вузе
4. Self-education as a means of development of professional competence of teachers in the conditions of further training

5. Management of the communicative competence development in future physical education teacher



























































Annual report of scientific research work for 2018 year


The educational process at the Department of Music Education and Choreography is closely linked with the research activities of the teaching staff. Only in 2014-2018 the staff of the Department published more than 150 scientific articles: in the international scientometric databases Thompson Reuters, Scopus; in the Proceedings of international and national scientific conferences, including near and far abroad; publications in domestic and foreign journals, as well as in the journals of Control Committee in the field of Education and Science of MES RK, manuals, electronic textbooks.

Up to date, the staff of the Department of music education and choreography is fruitfully engaged in research of psychological, pedagogical and ethnotypic features of the formation and development of musical, creative and performing abilities; urgent problems of traditional Kazakh art culture in the context of the modern system of pedagogical education; spiritual and moral education of the individual by means of various types of arts; practice-oriented music teachers` training.

The area of scientific research of the Head of the Department of music education and choreography, (the winner of the competition «Best University teacher 2016», Professor Ibrayeva Kamarsulu) is the improving the training of future teachers-musicians in the context of multilingual education through the development and introduction of new elective courses («Theory and practice of musical performance» in English, «Professionally-oriented English language»).

The winner of the competition «Best University teacher 2018» Professor Akhmetova Aimkul explores the modern directions of music education methods, improvement of pedagogical technique of the teacher-musician.

The founder of the scientific school «Psychology of music teacher`s creative development» is a Doctor of pedagogical Sciences, corresponding member of the International Academy of Pedagogical Education, honored worker of science and education of the Russian Federation, owner of the V. Vernadsky Medal, Bekmukhamedov Beken. He was the scientific supervisor of the PhD theses by Jaberi Khormuji Afshin Zabiholla «Methodological conditions for determining the content and organization of the system of musical education in the Qatar» (Almaty, 2003); Bisembayeva Balzhan «Pedagogical conditions of the organization of musical and creative activity of students of musical colleges in the Piano class» (Almaty, 2006). Nowadays Beken Bekmukhamedov is the supervisor of student scientific Club named «Pearl of research», constantly forming the skills of future music teachers` creative research.

Doctor of pedagogical sciences, Professor, Academician of the international Academy of Sciences of pedagogical education, winner of the «Bolashak», scholarship Narikbayeva Lora is one of the founders of the scientific direction of the development and support of gifted students in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The priorities of the Department`s research are determined by modern trends in the theory and practice of music education in Kazakhstan, the society`s requests to improve the content of education and teaching methods, technologies of students` creative development. Among them: current trends in the methodology of music education (Professor Ahmetova A.K.), convergent technologies in the preparation of teachers of art education (Associated Professor Mombek. A., choirmaster training in the system of music education (Associated Professor Balagazova S. T., Associated Professor Kakimova L.); the problems of implementing strategies of critical thinking (Associated Professor Aituarova A.).

The high professionalism of the staff of the Department is determined not only by the scientific potential of researchers in the field of music education, but also by the activities of practicing musicians, teachers, choreographers, who have repeatedly conquered the best concert halls of countries both near and far abroad.

Among them - the Honored worker of Kazakhstan, Associated Professor Mustafayev E.., Workers of culture of Kazakhstan - Baribaev S. , Malimbai S., Dzheksembekova M ., Namazova, K.; Birimgazina L. , Winner of the International piano competition in Rimini (Italy) Umurzakova A., Holder of the Medal «Eren enbegi ushin» senior lecturer Klyshbayev T. , who was the founder of the «Altynay» State folk dance ensemble.

Associated Professor Kumarzhanov Almat and seniorlecturer Kulseitova Alpesh are widely known in Kazakhstan dance teachers who brought up a whole generation of ballet dancers and choreography teachers successfully working in different parts of Kazakhstan.

Thank to the efforts of teachers and students at the Department of music education and choreography various kinds of students` activities were organized: the student orchestra of folk instruments (supervisor Malimbai S.), Students Choir supervisor Balagazova S.)and dance ensembles (supervisor Kumarzhanov A.).

In order to develop professional and vocal skills of students, the Department held events dedicated to the 20th anniversary of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan: the Republican singing contest «Arai», VII Republican subject Olympiad, a series of lectures and concerts in the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Almaty, the Republican contest of Kazakh dance dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the People`s artist of Kazakhstan Dauren Abirov (December, 2018).

Scientific Publications and Manuals of the teaching staff of the Music education and Choreography Department



Name of educational literature (textbooks, manuals, educational and methodical recommendations etc.)

Volume, page



Исполнительское мастерство учителя музыки. Уч.пособие, реком.РУМС МОН РК по спец.5В010600-Муз.образование

9,25 п.л.



«English for pre-Service music teachers» Уч.пособие, реком.РУМС МОН РК по спец.5В010600-Муз.образование

9,5 п.л.



 «Фольклорлы-этнографиялық ансамбльдерге лайықталып түсірілген ән-күйлер мен шығармалар жинағы»Уч.пособие, реком.РУМС МОН РК по спец.5В010600-Муз.образование

8 п.л.



Педагогическая техника в подготовке учителя музыки: теория и практика. Монография. - Алматы: Ұлағат», Абай атындағыҚазҰПУ, 2017.

255 с.



Методика совершенствования педагогической техники учителя музыки. Учебное пособие. - Алматы: Ұлағат», Абай атындағыҚазҰПУ, 2017.

 96 с.



Қобыз бен фортепианоға арналған халық және Қазақстан композиторларының күйлері: Оқу-әдістемелік құрал. Абай ат. ҚҰПУ «Ұлағат баспасы», Алматы, 2017

.128 б



Анималистические образы в музыкальном искусстве и хореографии Казахстана на рубеже XX-XXI-х веков // Анималистическая Вселенная казахской культуры в диаграмме эпох: Коллективная монография. / Сост. А.Р. Хазбулатов, М.Э. Султанова, Ж.Н. Шайгозова. - Астана, КазНИИК, 2017. - 560с. -




Development of professional giftedness

оf future specialist at the higher school /Развитиепрофессиональной


В высшей школе: Монография Editions du JIPTO, 2017. - 275 p. - Concorde -Romilly sur Seine (France)




Теория  и практика формирования этномузыкальной культуры будущего учителя. Алматы, Print S, 2017. - 320 с.




Технология подготовки и защиты дипломной работы (для обучающегося): Учеб.-методическое пособие Алматы: КазНПУ им.Абая, 2017.- 212 с.



Scientific internship - 2017