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The Department of Music Education and Choreography currently has significant human resources contributing to the provision of scientific and methodological support to students, undergraduates and doctoral students. The specialists of the department actively participate in the formation of the academic knowledge map through the publication of articles in journals with an impact factor, including Scopus and Web of Science, are also actively involved in scientific research, the results of which are regularly published in publications recommended in journals included in the list of the Committee for Quality Assurance in Education, and also in the collections of materials of national and international conferences.


The Department is proud of its contribution to education and science, providing students and society with valuable scientific and educational resources. The scientific and methodological activities of the teachers of the department are reflected in monographs, textbooks, teaching aids and methodological developments recommended by the Republican Educational and Methodological Council. Special attention is paid to the participation of the teaching staff in research projects, including the implementation of projects under grants from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, where the scientific and pedagogical staff of the department successfully implements their ideas and concepts, which is confirmed by obtaining author`s certificates.


The teaching staff of the department annually successfully prepares laureates of the republican competition of research papers among students and undergraduates. Doctoral students of the department, in turn, undergo successful scientific internships in higher educational institutions of Kazakhstan and abroad, contributing to the development of science and culture. Scientific and practical conferences for students and undergraduates are held annually, the results of which are published in the form of scientific collections. The best works are submitted to republican contests. The teaching staff of the department actively travels to foreign Higher educational institutions by invitation, gives lectures and conducts master classes.


Thus, students and undergraduates of the department actively participate in scientific and social work, taking part in republican Olympiads and competitions, where they achieve high results. In turn, in accordance with the strategic development plan of the University for 2022-2025, the department regularly holds international and national scientific and practical conferences on various topics, contributing to the expansion of the field of scientific research and active interaction with the scientific community.


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