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Scientific center "Intellectual Nation"
     Dautova Saule Battalkyzy
    Director of the Scientific center of philological research
    Doctor of philological sciences
    Kazybek Bi str., 30, room 203
     291-29-72, 8-701-724-72-32


    Abai KazNPU is the 1st higher educational institution of our country. Study of the Kazakh language and literature, languages and literature of other nations living in our multinational country, the development of foreign languages, the study of scientific and methodological problems of philology is one of the directions of our university.

    The foundations of  Kazakh  linguistics and literary studies were A. Baytursynuly, Kh . Dosmukhamedov, S. Seifullin, M. Auezov, K. Zhubanov, M.Gabdullin and other intellectuals who worked at our university. To continue this tradition in September 2008, No. 12-69 / 93, by the Rector`s order was created by the Scientific Research Institute of Literary Studies and Linguistics. Since 1 September, 2016, it was reorganized into the Scientific  Center for Philological Researches. SC  continues a long tradition, because the language and literature reflect the spiritual and cultural values that affect the development of our country.

    The main directions of the Scientific Center are determined by the perspective innovative processes of the higher school, the tasks of the strategic development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the main directions of the humanities and the strategic goals of Abai KazNPU. The Center carries out research on promising directions in literary and linguistic studies.

    The object of research is the  relevant problems of modern philology:

    - artistic techniques that show national and universal spiritual values in works of art;

    - informatization of the philological science of higher education;

    - linguistic and artistic theories and methodology of the world;

    - theoretical and practical problems associated with modern Kazakh graphics of the Latin alphabet;

    - artistic and aesthetic potential of the national drama in depicting the historical appearance of the Kazakh Khanate.


    The activity of the Center is based on:
    1.Abai KazNPU Strategy of development on 2011-2020.
    2.Priorities of humanitarian and fundamental research approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

    The main objectives of the Center:
    - to contribute to the restoration of the research base of a new quality of higher education;
    - to conduct fundamental and applied scientific research in the perspective areas of philology;
    - integration of education and science in the framework of the formation of a research university;
    - integration of international scientific space.

    The goals and objectives of the Center determine the main activities:
    - scientific work;
    - scientific and organizational work;
    - international cooperation;
    - scientific and methodological work;
    - innovative work.