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Scientific center "Resource consultative center for inclusive education for higher education institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and personality psychology
 Movkebayeva Zulfiya Akhmetvalievna
Director of Resource Centre
Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor
Dostyk ave. 13, Educational building 6, Office 313


Resource Advisory Center on Inclusive Education for universities and preventive suicidology (hereinafter - Resource Center) was established pursuant to the Action Plan to implement the concept of becoming one of the 30 most developed countries of the world for 2014-2020 and is a subdivision of  Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University.


The purpose of the Resource Center is a scientific and practical, methodical, advisory support and coordination of higher education institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan to provide psychological and pedagogical support of inclusive education and the prevention of suicide among children, teenagers and students.

The activities of the Resource Center is organized into three main areas:
1.The organization of higher education institutions in the Republic of Kazakhstan psycho-pedagogical support of the learning process in higher education of persons with disabilities and of people with disabilities and their further employment.
2.The organization and coordination of the activities of universities of Kazakhstan on teacher training to work in conditions of inclusive education.
3.Psycho-pedagogical maintenance and development of the complex scientific and technical program for the prevention and intervention of suicide among children and adolescents.

We are located at: 050010, Almaty, Dostyk ave., 13, an educational building №6, office №313, Tel .: 8 (727) 291-03-90, e-mail: