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Student Life
Student Life



Seminar «Effective ways to develop the vocabulary of preschool children»

On November 02, 2021, the Institute of pedagogy and psychology organized an open semnar lesson with students of the 3rd year of specialty 5b010100 «preschool education and upbringing» within the framework of the educational program «preschool, social pedagogy and self-knowledge», senior teacher of the Department of professional training Yerkebayeva S. on the topic «effective ways to develop the vocabulary of preschool children». This training event was attended by teachers, preschool methodologists and students, undergraduates and PhD students.


At the open seminar on the subject» theory and methodology of speech development of preschool children», students analyzed and presented in a new direction the educational services organized by the teacher with children on the basis of preliminary preparatory work aimed at Theory and practice, innovative methods and effective ways to develop the vocabulary of preschool children. An experienced teacher of kindergarten №179 Elmira Shaumurnova shared new methods used in her practice, answered students`questions. At the end of the lesson, students took an active part in group work, demonstrated the «Mnemonics» methodology, as one of the unique ways to develop children`s vocabulary, effectively memorize poems and fairy tales for children on the new CANVA, GLIP platforms.




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