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780011The mission of the universityopen
780021The mission of the universityopen
780031Normative-legal acts of RKopen
780041Work plan of the Academic Council open
780051Normative-legal acts of RKopen
780061Academic Councilopen
780071Structural unitsopen
780081Structural unitsopen
780091Transfer recovery of studentsopen
780101Schedule of lessonsopen
780121Institute of Pedagogy and Psychologyopen
780131Application samples of students open
780141Strategy 2050open
780151Digital student service centreopen
780161Academic Councilopen
780171Institute of History and Lawopen
780181Academic Councilopen
780201Awards and achievementsopen
780211Scientific and research activityopen
780221Scientific and research activityopen
780231Version for visually impaired personsopen
780241Normative-legal acts of RKopen
780261Annual reportsopen
780271Supervisory Board open
780281The mission of the universityopen
780291Version for visually impaired personsopen
780311Normative-legal acts of RKopen
780331Supervisory Board open
780341Structural unitsopen
780351International Programmesopen
780361Academic Councilopen
780371Application samples of students open
780391Academic policyopen
780401Scientific projectsopen
780411Annual reportsopen
780431Reference - guide book of studentopen
780441Best teacher of the Universityopen
780451Code of «Academic honesty»open
780461Academic documentsopen
780471International teamopen
780481Scientific eventsopen
780491International Programmesopen
780501Scientific journal open

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