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807011Scientific-methodical journal «Pedagogy and Psychology»open
807021Scientific-methodical journal «Pedagogy and Psychology»open
807031Structural unitsopen
807041Educational processopen
807051Institute of Philology and multilingual educationopen
807061Institute of History and Lawopen
807071Faculty for foreign citizens and pre-university training (Foundation)open
807081Military Departementopen
807091Digital student service centreopen
807101Digital student service centreopen
807111Digital student service centreopen
807121Digital student service centreopen
807131The mission of the universityopen
807141Office administration in universityopen
807221Rules of awarding academic degreesopen
807231Rules of awarding academic degreesopen
807241Rules of awarding academic degreesopen
807251Rules of awarding academic degreesopen
807261Startup projectsopen
807271Startup projectsopen
807281Startup projectsopen
807291Scientific-research Center «Khakim Abai»open
807301Scientific and research activityopen
807311Scientific and research activityopen
807321Exam scheduleopen
807331Educational process open
807341Educational processopen
807351Educational processopen
807361Educational processopen
807371International activityopen
807381Institute of Philology and multilingual educationopen
807391Institute of Philology and multilingual educationopen
807401Institute of Philology and multilingual educationopen
807411Institute of History and Lawopen
807421Military Departementopen
807431Military Departementopen
807441National Test Center branch №1open
807451National Test Center branch №1open
807461National Test Center branch №1open
807471Digital student service centreopen
807481Digital student service centreopen
807491Digital student service centreopen
807501Digital student service centreopen

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