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3100151Code of «Academic honesty»open
3100251International teamopen
3100351Information for foreign studentsopen
3100451Reference - guide book of studentopen
3100551Scientific eventsopen
3100651Scientific-methodical journal «Pedagogy and Psychology»open
3100751International Programmesopen
3100851Regulatory and legal documentsopen
3100951Reference - guide book of studentopen
3101051Scientific and research work of students (SRWS)open
3101151Science and Innovation Park open
3101251Council of Young Scientists open
3101451Scientific and research workopen
3101551Project office of Abai KazNPUopen
3101651Institute of Pedagogy and Psychologyopen
3101751Project office of Abai KazNPUopen
3101851About Universityopen
3101951SMC Shool- College-Universityopen
3102051International teamopen
3102151Information for foreign studentsopen
3102251Institute of Natural Sciences and Geographyopen
3102351Institute of Philology and multilingual educationopen
3102451Scientific projectsopen
3102551Scientific eventsopen
3102651Institute of Arts, Culture and Sportsopen
3102751Project office of Abai KazNPUopen
3102851Republican popular science magazine «Ulttik tarbie»open
3102951Military Departementopen
3103151Sorbonne - Kazakhstan Instituteopen
3103251National Test Center branch №1open
31033513D virtual touropen
3103551Institute of Natural Sciences and Geographyopen
3103651Scientific trips and internshipsopen
3103751About Universityopen
3103851Institute of Philology and multilingual educationopen
3103951Scientific eventsopen
3104051Institute of Arts, Culture and Sportsopen
3104151Institute of Arts, Culture and Sportsopen
3104251Military Departementopen
3104351National Test Center branch №1open
3104551Informational resourcesopen
3104651Institute of History and Lawopen
3104751Digital student service centreopen
3104851Digital student service centreopen

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