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Seralieva Aliya Mazhitovna



I,  Aliya Mazhitovna Seralieva, was born in 1971. My ethnic origin is Kazakh.  I have an academic degree of candidate of legal sciences in the specialty "12.00.08 - Criminal law and criminology, penal law". Topic of PhD thesis is "The system of measures to prevent crimes associated with venereal diseases and HIV/AIDS infection", associate professor (docent) in the Control Committee in Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

My experience in scientific and pedagogical activities in higher educational institutions is 19 years. I have more than 100 scientific papers published in English, Kazakh and Russian languages, 26 of which published in publishing houses recommended by the authorized body of the Control Committee in Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 5 - in scientific journals having non-zero impact factor according to Scopus database, in total, monographs - 1, 2 (in co-authorship), textbooks - 9, foreign articles - 24, scientific papers published in the Republic of Kazakhstan - 36.

I have a state license to practice law under no. 0004072 dated 04/09.2002. 

I undertook a foreign internship in Newcastle University (Great Britain) in 2015 on the topic called"Learning and Teaching in Higher Education".

Under scientific supervision of A.M. Seralieva 23 publications of students and undergraduates for international conferences were prepared, among them 13 students were awarded Second-Class and Third-Class Honours.



Educational Institution


Graduation Date

Aktobe university of Zhubanov

Pedagogy and psychology

(Teacher of psychology and pedagogy)

1992-1996 year

Kaynar University

Jurisprudence  (Lawyer)

1996-1999 year



Name of academic degree

Field of science

Date of issue of diploma

candidate of law

12.00.08 - Criminal law and criminology; criminal and executive right.

2010 year



Academic title

Date of award

associated professor KKSON RK

2018 year


TEACHING DISCIPLINES (list by level of training)

Undergraduate studies: 1. Theory of state and law. 2. Constitutional law of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 3. Basics of mediation. 4. Legal psychology. 5. Criminal law of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 6. Fundamentalsofentrepreneurship. 7. Publicinternationallaw.

In the magistracy: Начало формы

Конец формы

1. Actual problems of law. 2. Modern problems of public service and management.



Research topics:

1. Problems of combating self-government in the Republic of Kazakhstan. - Monograph. - Almaty: KazNPU named after Abaya, 2014. -172 p.

2. The problem of classification of the object of offenses in the criminal law of the Republic of Kazakhstan Collective monograph based on the materials of the international scientific and practical conference: Modern problems of criminal policy / Yekaterinburg-Kostanay, 2019. ISBN 978-601-7952-28-0 -  290 p.

3. the New criminal procedure code of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the problems of implementing procedural economy, efficiency and rationality //Criminological journal of the Baikal state University of Economics and law Volume 9 No. 1. - Irkutsk: Baikal state University of Economics and law, 2015,ISSN 1996-7756, SJR:0,123 (scopus). - C. 144-158.

4. Mediation as an institution of restorative justice in the implementation of the principle of procedural economy in the new Criminal procedure code of the Republic of Kazakhstan //All-Russian criminological journal Volume 10 no. 4. - Irkutsk: Baikal state University, 2016, ISSN 2500-4255, SJR: 0.162 (scopus).-C. 825-837.

5. Corruption offenses criminal legal characterization //Science and life of Kazakhstan №3.-ISBN 2073 - 333X. - Astana: public Foundation "Legal mission", international Kazakhstan Criminological Club. Website:, 2020. - Pp. 152-155.



Number of publications (5 significant)

1) Crime related to infection with sexually transmitted diseases and HIV / AIDS. - Textbook. - Almaty: Vook Plus, 2013. - 212 p.;

2) Fundamentals of law. - Textbook. - Almaty: Vook Plus, 2014. - 340 p.;

3) Basics of mediation. - Textbook. - Almaty: ALMANAH. - 2017. - 113 p.

4) Train aid fundamentals of mediation-Almaty, Almanah, 2019 -  117 pages.

5) Mediation negizderi-Almaty, Almanah, 2020 -  119 bet.



In 2018, she was awarded the jubilee medal "90 years of the Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abay" for her contribution to the development of the university.





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