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Kosherbayeva Aygerim Nuralievna


Doctor of pedagogical Sciences, Professor

Corresponding member of International Academy of pedagogical Sciences (Russia Moscow) Date of Birth: 1963.10.09

Has higher philological education. Graduated from Zhambyl pedagogical Institute (Kazakhstan), specialty "teacher of Russian language and literature (1981-1986). In the period from 1991-1995 Aigerim Nurali  studied at the postgraduate Institute of Content and teaching methods of the Academy of pedagogical Sciences( Moscow). She defended candidate thesis on the methodology of philological education. Pedagogical activity in high school starting as a teacher of Zhambyl pedagogical Institute and then associate Professor and Chairman of the Council of young scientists, head of the Department in Taraz state University named after Dulati. In 2001, the Academic Council recommended to the target doctorate - Kazakh national pedagogical University named after Abai. Doctoral dissertation on "the Development of ideas of humanism in the pedagogical heritage of Yusuf balasaguni" successfully defended in 2005.

After defending his doctoral dissertation, Aigerim Nurali works as associate Professor and then Professor (2009) of the Department of Pedagogy KazNPU named after Abai. In the period 2005-2012 is a member of the expert Council on dissertation research in pedagogy KNASON MES, Head scientific Secretary of the Dissertation Council d14.05.01. Professor A. N. Speaker added takes an active part in the development of research projects, organization of scientific seminars and conferences, writing textbooks and training manuals, manages fundamental project "Development of pedagogical thought in Kazakhstan (the first floors. XX century research projects within the University. Provides scientific leadership for developing and publishing a 10-volume Anthology of pedagogical thought in Kazakhstan "Pedagogical Oh-Sana" in the framework of the State program Cultural heritage- "Madeni Mura" (with the assistance of the President of RK, MES RK). Under the scientific leadership of Professor on actual problems of pedagogical education, defended 10 candidate dissertations. In 2010 he became the owner of the State grant MES "the Best teacher of the University".

In 2012 Professor A. invited speaker added to the position of head of the Department of Psychological and pedagogical support of professional development of teachers" in national center for training of pedagogical staff "Orleu". In 2013, becomes the holder of the international scholarship "Bolashak" trained in England (University of London), passes scientific training in Spain, International University Catalonia Barcelona (2014). In conjunction with the head of the international Department of the University, Dr. Mohamed Moor develops the problem of internationalization of higher education in Kazakhstan, focusing on linguistic and didactic aspects. In 2015, the decision of the management KazNPU named after Abai is sent to Turkey the coordinator of the educational and cultural centre of a name of Abay.

Currently, Professor  Kosherbayeva Aigerim Nurali Speaker added cooperates with the scientists of Europe to study educational techniques in the direction of the International Reading Association, Improving the scientific potential can be traced through active participation in educational programs, training sessions, author s courses, international conferences and congresses (America, Bulgaria, Germany, Turkey, Spain, etc.).


Research interests: Turcology, philology, pedagogy, psychology, comparative education. More than 100 publications on comparative education, Philology, pedagogy, articles in national and international journals (Scopus and Thomson).




The owner of the State grant MES "the Best teacher of the University" /2010/

The Owner of the international scholarship "Bolashak" /2013/

Award of  MES RK "For contribution in developing of science" /2016/

Medal "of Yusuf Balasaguni" for contribution to the developing of the culture and cooperation between peoples.

( TURKSOY, 2017)

Award of  the Embassy of Iran in Kazakhstan for contribution to development of cooperation between the peoples (2016).

A commemorative sign in honor of the 40th anniversary and the 45th anniversary of Taraz pedagogical University


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