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Choice of educational paths



Student forms for the academic year of an individual trajectory of learning through academic mentor - Advisors.

The student must register for a certain number of credits provided standard curriculum specialty. Based on the model curriculum and elective courses the student directory selects the required and elective subjects with the required number of credits, which are reflected in an individual curriculum. Selection of subjects must be carried out with the obligatory account of the logical sequence of their study.

In drawing up the IEP students must:

  • acquainted with the rules of the educational process on credit technology of training;
  • comply with the established deadlines for academic subjects and the changes in the IЕР;
  • Enroll at least by the number of credits per academic year for the development of educational programs appropriate level.

Students on a paid basis can form their IEP with fewer loans than established for the development of an educational program appropriate level, but it increases the period of study.

The student may not be registered in the discipline, if in the previous semester, he had not mastered the necessary prerequisites for its study. Selection of basic subjects shall be based on professional guidance for students, but at the request of the student IEP may include discipline, and declared in a block of basic subjects in other specialties. The student is responsible for the preparation of the IЕР and the completeness of the course of training in accordance with the requirements of the model curriculum specialty.