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Nostrification - a procedure performed to determine the authenticity of the document issued by another State. Nostrification held the center of Bologna process and academic mobility MES RK.

Information for citizens educated in other countries
In accordance with the "Rules of recognition and nostrification of documents on education", approved by order of the Minister of Education and Science of №8
January 10, 2008, persons trained in other countries need to go through the procedure of recognition and nostrification.

Documents required for the procedure of recognition and nostrification of education documents issued by vocational schools, colleges, institutes, universities

1) original document about education (for verification);
2) the application to the document on education (original for verification) with the presence of the following information: amount of hours passed disciplines and practices, final grades, course and graduation papers, other components of the educational process;
3) notarized translation of the education document and its annexes on the state and / or Russian. Certification of the translation carried out by a notary in the Republic of Kazakhstan and of the diplomatic service of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the country in which the document was issued. In some cases (for example, in establishing recognition for the precedent) may be brought by translation performed by the diplomatic service bodies in Kazakhstan, the State in the territory of which the document was issued.
4) a notarized copy of the document certifying the identity of the holder on education, with translation into the state and / or Russian language (at variable names - supporting document);
5) A copy of the license and / or certificate of accreditation of the institution that issued the document on education, with the exception of state documents about the main average, general secondary education, the stamp of the institution (if necessary, with a notarized translation into the state and / or Russian language) .
The documents referred to in subparagraphs 1) and 2) of this paragraph, issued by educational institutions shall be apostilled or legalized.
1) Receipt of payment;
2) Folder (plastic);

3) Bank details:
MES RK "Center of Bologna process and academic mobility"
IIC KZ236010111000227192
BIN 050640004360
KBE 16 PNC 859
JSC "Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan"