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Directions of professional activity of the Club


Present provision  of the club is developed on the basis of SES RK 5.04.019-2008 and sets the requirements for the content of education and training of bachelors in the specialty 5B012300 - Social pedagogy and self-knowledge.
Areas of professional activity:
- Moral and spiritual - the development of citizenship among children and adolescents create conditions for its self-awareness, self-education and socialization that allows the individual to achieve harmony in the physical, mental, spiritual, social and creative development;
- Socio-pedagogical - providing humanitarian and educational support to socially vulnerable categories of the population: people with disabilities, migrant families, socially disadvantaged families; assist in the creation of favorable conditions for their full life;
- Scientific and Research - helping the younger man in self-knowledge and self-realization, the study features of the learning process, diagnostics, correction, forecasting the results of socio-educational activities; education, development and correction of children, adolescents and young people who need help the social teacher and teacher of self-knowledge;
- Ideological - participating in various events and activities of civil-patriotic, socialization and the strengthening of civil literacy of children in the social environment;
- Cultural and Educational - organization of cultural and leisure activities with children, adolescents and youth in the field of cinema, theater, art, fine arts, music; development of programs, education in the field of culture; organization of cultural and recreational centers;
- Environmental - promoting environmental skills Environment and Natural Resources, through the enhancement of knowledge, attitudes and practices of children and adolescents, through innovative educational methods.
- Advertising and propaganda - support, development and promotion of socially significant ideas of volunteerism volunteers, the organization of social services advertising, promotion in the media of ideas of social responsibility, service to society;
- Animator`s activity  - organization of cultural and recreational work with children in orphanages, health improvement and adaptation centers, holiday camps and support the creative potential of children.

Functions of professional activity:
- Organizational;
- Prevention;
- Socio-therapeutic.