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Startup projects


Startup is a company that is in the first stage of its operations. Possibly did not even being a still juridical/ legal, which located on the stage of development and is building its business either through new innovative ideas or on the basis newly emerging technologies.
Startup companies in the Republic of Kazakhstan support through Joint Stock Company "National Agency for Technological Development", foundations, universities, business schools, parks, grant programs,  business angels association, business incubators, competitions, professional community and development institutes.


The important  in startup


One of the main reasons for the creation, development and success of start-ups believe the continued existence of clumsiness and slowness of the large corporations who successfully use existing products and the development and creation of new almost engaged. Therefore, start-ups, thanks to their mobility in terms of realization of new ideas compete with large corporations.
The main resource for the creation of a new startup is a good innovative idea. Actually for fresh and unusual ideas are being chased by many, and often they do not regret buying large amounts. The idea of not having any material embodiment, and exists only on paper or in words (the plan of a startup) can cost a lot. Another factor in the success of this idea is its relevance (the extent necessary for the user), because the idea can be unusual and new, but the use of it will be a minimum.