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Automatic information systems



to access the automatic information system PLATONUS click here

(for all, expect 3 and 4 course  year  bachelor`s degree  students)


to access the automatic information system LOTUS click here

(for  3 and 4  course year bachelor `s degree  students)



Documentation of Platonus

Samples of letters

List of reporting forms Department of Higher and Postgraduate Education

Reporting forms Department of Higher and Postgraduate Education

Form №1 «Contingent of full-time students »

Form №2 «Contingent of half-time students »

Form№3«Contingent of master`s degree students»

Form №4 «Contingent of doctoral students»

Form №5 «Quantitative and qualitative indicators of teaching staff»

Form №6 «Information about teacher training»

Form №7 «Information about educational work of university»

Form №8 «Data on material and technical equipment of the higher education institution»

Form №9 «Information about security of university dormitories»

Form №10 «Data about the employment of university graduates»

Form №11 «Information about the exchange of students, undergraduates, doctoral students»

Form №12 «Information about informatization of the university»

Form №13 «Participation a higher educational institutions in the academic world rankings»

Form №14 «Information about the foreign teachers and consultants involved in higher educational institutions»

Form №15 «Information about students enrolled in technical specialties at the expense of employers, foreign investors»

Form №16 «Information about providing students with practical training bases»

Form №17 «Information about the innovation activities through the integration of education and science, based on the transfer of research results into production»

Form №18 «Information about the teachers and / or scientific staff with publications in scientific journals with impact factor»

Form №19 «Information about income from realization of the results of research and development activities»

Form №20 «Information about passing of Higher Education Accreditation»

Form №21 «Information about financing of higher education institutions at the expense of civilian public-private entrepreneurship »

Form №34 «Information about the results of examinations»


Module name

Manual for completing the reports of the Department of Higher and Postgraduate Education

Manual 3.0 др

Graphical signes of Platonus

Manual 3.0 for teacher

Stuctureof Platonus

Scheme 1.Preparation of an automated information system

Scheme 2. Preparation of an automated information system

Manual 3.0 for student

Example of system work of АИС Platonus through academic calendar

Calculation of final grade

Levels of complexity of the questions

Identifier of Platonus

Application Process of students

Delivery of testing

Addition to the manual. Testing