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Health post
 Toktabayeva Sandugash Ualkhankyzy
Head of Health post

Tole bi 35


Full-time students Abai KazNPU undergo a medical examination at the student hospital. On the territory of the Abai KazNPU funchfunction public health post for First Aid.

The main objectives of the health post:

prevention of socially significant diseases;
a comprehensive medical examination;
 sanitary and epidemiological surveillance.

Health post was organized to provide medical services to students and undergraduates. In his work with the health center is guided by the Constitution, the legislative-legal act of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan health organizations. Item works on the approved plan Student head physician of the hospital.

Health post provides the following services:

Monitoring of patients with infectious diseases;
Admission Student Hospital chief physician for the approved schedule;
Carrying out of sanitation on HIV / AIDS, drug addiction, alcoholism, smoking;
Monitoring of patients with chronic diseases;
Monitoring the sanitary condition of the dormitories.

At the health post to receive the students work:


The following offices operate at the health post:
Secluded office to wait for an ambulance.
Cabinet for the age of vaccination and the provision of measures prescribed by a doctor.