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The order of registration of an educational trip within the framework of the program of academic mobility abroad

Students who wish to become participants in the program of external academic mobility must pass test for knowledge of the English language and other foreign languages (in the presence of IELTS, TOEFL, etc. there is no need to pass a competitive selection), as well as interview and psychological test.
The procedure for competitive selection includes a detailed assessment of the progress of each student , the level of motivation and the potential for successful participation in the program of external academic mobility, language knowledge and interview with the student.
The main points for competitive selection in academic mobility included
1. Completion of one academic period in his/her higher education institution, academic performance at "A", "A-", "B", "B".
2. Knowledge of a foreign language (if possible, the certificate of passing the test in a foreign language IELTS, not less than 4.5 points or TOEFL IBT not lower than 82 points).
For departure organization for external academic mobility the following necessary documents are required:
1. An application addressed to the rector on the student sending abroad by form (written by hand), with visas of the institute`s management and the head of the department (specify the dates).
The application must be agreed in the following sequence with:
- Department of Academic Affairs;
- Registration office;
- Office of International Cooperation;
- The academic mobility sector.
2. Application of the student in the form approved by the Rules for the educational process organization on the credit technology of study (According to Appendix);
3. A completed questionnaire of a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan who travels abroad for study according to the form (according to Appendix 3);
4. Recommendation Letter
5. Individual curriculum, agreed with the Department of Academic Affairs
6. Transcript for studying in the form approved by the Rules for the organization of the educational process on credit technology studying;
7. Certificate of proficiency in a foreign language;
8. Medical certificate of the established sample for traveling abroad (form No. 082);
9. A copy of the official invitation of a foreign university;
10. A copy of the foreign passport and identity card;
11. Two (2) photos - 3,5 * 4,5;
12. Address information;
13. The file folder.
Upon return from an internship trip in the framework of academic mobility for enrollment it is necessary:
1. To write an application addressed to the rector (written by hand);
2. Attach the transcript about the graduated disciplines and credits received, with translation into the state or Russian languages;
3. Provide a full financial report within 3 working days according to the cost estimate in the university`s accounting department.
4. Provide a written report (in free form) on the work done during the training in the partner institution in the academic mobility sector.
Coordination of the program of external academic mobility of students is carried out by the Academic Mobility Sector, Main building, 403 office, tel: 8 (727) 291 12 45, e-mail: 

The order of registration of documents of undergraduates leaving
for a 10-day scientific research internship abroad


Graduate students of KazNPU named after Abay, who are studying under the state educational order and on a paid basis with a period of 1 year and 2 years, must undergo a 10-day scientific internship. This internship is compulsory for all students in the second year of master`s studies, with the exception of profile training.
For the organization of traveling abroad for a scientific internship, the master`s student of the university must have the following package of documents:
- Official invitation from the host university;
- Copy of the foreign passport;
- Copy of student card;
- 1 color photo (3.5 * 4.5);
-Address information.
Upon returning from internship trip, the student must submit an advance statement on the actual costs of the funds within three days.
The following documents for the internship trip are attached to the advance report:
- Fiscal check for accommodation in the accommodation of a foreign university;
- Fiscal check for studying;
- Travel Certificate;
- Boarding passes (economy class air ticket);
- Payment for insurance - fiscal receipt and original insurance;
- Payment for the visa - the official form of the embassy;
-2 copies of certificates


After returning from an internship trip, the undergraduate is required to submit a report on the results of the trip (photo and video report) to the academic mobility sector and to the department.

Coordination of the graduate`s departure for a 10-day foreign scientific internship is carried out by the Academic Mobility Sector, Main building, 403 office, tel: 8 (727) 291 12 45, e-mail: