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Department of pre-university training


Preparatory Department (Foundation) of Abai Kazakh National university will help everyone in the realization of his dream - to become a student.

Our goal is to create the most favorable conditions for students to enter any higher educational institution of the country, especially for those who choose pedagogical specialties!

At the department, students are not only preparing for a unified national testing (UNT) or complex testing (CT), but we also strive to ensure that applicants receive high scores on testing and a state educational grant upon admission.


Contents of the program of the preparatory course:

- english: learning by levels;
- mathematics: algebra, geometry, trigonometry, logarithm, task solving and tests;
- russian: phonetics, vocabulary, morphology, syntax and punctuation, tests;
- kazakh language: phonetics, vocabulary, morphology, syntax, punctuation and tests;
- history of Kazakhstan: from ancient to the present and tests;
- geography: geography of continents, political geography, geography;
- physics: mechanics, dynamics, kinematics, waves, thermodynamics, optics, wave optics, quantum physics, atomic and nuclear physics;
- chemistry: general chemistry, organic and inorganic chemistry, problem solving.
- biology: botany, human anatomy and physiology, general biology.


Students are provided with methodological guides for training;
The courses can be attended by schoolchildren of 10-11 grades and graduates with secondary and secondary special education;
The Preparatory Faculty (Foundation) allows you to improve and deepen knowledge of UNT subjects. At the Preparatory Faculty (Foundation), classes are conducted by highly qualified specialists.

Training is conducted in the state and Russian languages; for the secondary school education program; in all subjects of the test.

For admission to The Preparatory (Foundation) faculty foreigners and stateless persons submit the following documents:
1. application addressed to the rector of the university;
2. notarially certified document and the annex on secondary education with a translation into the state or Russian languages.
3. medical certificate form 086-U (a photograph of fluorography);
4. a copy of the document on secondary education
5. an identity document;
6. photos 3x4 (6 pieces).


Our address: Almaty, 56 Abay Ave., "B"


Contact numbers:

+7 (707)555 46 76 Ibrahimova Shakiza 
+7 (747) 560 85 05 Pernebekova Anar Kazhenbekovna 
+7 (747) 958 02 13 Dzhunusova Saltanat Mametzhanovna