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 Nurmakhan Auesbekuly
Director of the Center for vocational guidance and students admission

Kazybek bi 30


The purpose of the center - career guidance and reception of entrants, establishing effective communications between educational institutions and society, carrying out marketing policy and formation of positive image of the university in labor market and educational services.


The center performs the following functions:
- organizing work and office-work of selection committee;
- conducts personal reception and consultation of entrants, their parents (lawful representatives), authorized representatives concerning receipt in the educational organization;
- provides reception, account, registration and necessary processing of documents of entrants, forms personal records for the subsequent transfer to a teaching department;
- receives incoming calls, processes external correspondence;
- takes part in organization of events, the entrance tests connected with carrying out for entrants, such as Uniform National testing and Complex testing, creative examinations;
- takes part in organization of events, the entrance tests connected with carrying out for entering the master`s degree course and doctoral studies of PhD;
- carries out preparation of normative documents, drafts of the orders concerning work of selection committee;
- organizing preparation of reference materials, avenues concerning training in the educational organization;
- makes out the information stand of selection committee;
- maintains the electronic database;
- prepares the established reporting under work of selection committee;
- organizing registration and providing with the necessary equipment and expendables of audiences and other rooms for work of selection committee.

Main directions of professional orientation work of the center:

- organization of pre-university preparation and professional orientation work with school students;
- organization of additional education;
- placement of promomaterial at schools, social networks, media;
- establishment of close interaction of KazNPU named after Abai with departments of education, schools, colleges, establishing work with the parental public;
- organization and holding thematic Olympic Games and competitions;
- the organization and carrying out preparation arriving to UNT and CT on basic profile disciplines;
- formation and production of information materials;
- participation in various exhibitions ("XXI century science and education", "Education and career", etc.);
- organization and holding Open Days of the university;
- organization and holding excursions, professional orientation lecture halls for pupils of schools of the city on the basis of KazNPU named after Abai on specialties of the university;
- consulting work and watch of volunteers and teacher`s staff in operating time of selection committee;
- organization of selection committee work.