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Education programs


    Sorbonne - Kazakhstan Institute


    7М03101-International relations in the era of globalization

    7М0410-Economy (scientific and pedagogical direction)
    7М04101-Economy (profile direction)
    7М04102-Management (profile)
    7М04103-Accounting and Auditing (scientific and pedagogical direction)
    7М04103-Accounting and Auditing (profile)
    7М04104-Finance (profile direction)
    7М04104-Finance(scientific and pedagogical direction)
    7В04105-State and local governmen
    7М04105-Management (scientific and educational area)
    7М04106-Marketing (profile)

    7М04106-Marketing(scientific and educational area)
    7М04202-Digital law (scientific and pedagogical direction)
    7М04202-Fiscal law and international law (scientific and pedagogical direction)
    7М04202-International law (profile)
    7М04202-International law (scientific and pedagogical direc


    Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics


    7М01405-Technology and robotics
    7М01501-Training of teachers of mathematics
    7М01504-Training of teachers of physics
    7М01508-Training of informatics teachers
    7M06101-Information Communication Technologies
    7М06102-Information Systems


    Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology


    7M01101-Pedagogy and psycholog
    7М01102-Pedagogical measurement
    7M01103-Management in Education
    7M01201-Preschool education and training
    7М01301-Pedagogy and methodology of primary education
    7M01901- Training of special teachers in inclusive education
    7M01902-Training of special teachers in sign language teaching (surdopedagogy)
    7M01903-Training of special teachers in speech therapy
    7М03105-Professional guidance psychologist


    Institute of Philology and multilingual education


    7М01701-Kazakh language and literature
    7M01702-Russian language and literature
    7М01704-The kazakh language and literature in schools with non-kazakh language of instruction
    7М01705-Russian language and literature in schools with non russion language of inctruction
    7М02301-Philology o/r
    7M02302-Linguistic translation studies
    7М02303-Western Philology
    7M02305-Literary criticism o/r
    7М02305-Literary Studies


    Institute of Natural Sciences and Geography


    7М01510-Chemistry-1,5 y.
    7M01513-Teacher training in Biology
    7М05101-Biological and related sciences (Biology)


    Institute of Arts, Culture and Sports


    7M014-Basic military training
    7М014-Art education
    7М01402-Music education
    7М01402-Music (double diploma)
    7М01404-Teacher of physical culture and sports
    7M02118-Design. Fashion Design
    7M02119-Design. Architectural Design
    7M02120-Design. Grapfcal Design


    Institute of History and Law


    7M01406-Teacher of the Basics of Law and Economics
    7М01601-Digital History: Technology in Historical Education
    7M03104-Political science
    7М03105-Regional-oriental studies
    7M03106-Regional studies
    7М04201-Jurisprudence (scientific and pedagogical direction)
    7М04204-Jurisprudence (profile direction)


    Faculty for foreign citizens and pre-university training (Foundation)


    7M01702-Russian as a foreign language