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 Zhankushkov Bauyrzhan Orazaevich
Head of the Department «Marketing»
Master of Pedagogical Sciences, Senior lecturer
Tole bi str., 31


The purpose of the department - career guidance, establishing effective communications between educational institutions and society, carrying out marketing policy and formation of positive image of the university in labor market and educational services.

The main task of the department: planning, organizing career guidance work at the level of the Institute in accordance with the rules for admission to training in educational organizations that implement professional curriculum for higher education, as well as training in groups of educational programs of postgraduate education.


Department functions:
- attracting applicants for bachelor`s, master`s and PhD doctoral studies;
- analysis of the growth rate of the contingent of students for bachelor`s, master`s and doctoral programs in each academic year;
- preparation, publication and distribution of advertising, informational and explanatory materials (during public events, media and teaching practice, meetings, etc.);
- preparation of special places (offices) for receiving incoming documents, distribution of advertising materials, notification, explanatory work;
- research of the potential of relevance of educational programs of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology in the market;
- organization and participation in exhibitions, fairs to inform potential buyers about educational products and services.