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History of the department

The history of «Economic Specialties» department of the Sorbonne-Kazakhstan Institute starts since 1993. The department has repeatedly undergone a name transformation and was renamed in 2016 due to the merger of economic departments.

The Department of «Economic Specialties» provides training for bachelors, masters and PhD doctors as per group of educational programs B041-Business and Management (Economics, Management, Finance, Accounting and Audit, State and Local Management, Marketing). Currently, the department successfully implements the program of double-degree program of masters in EP 7M04106-Marketing and bachelors in EP 6B04101-Economics (Abai KazNPU) together with the University of Poitiers (France).


Human resources potential

The staff of the department consists of highly professional employees.

At this moment the head of the department is M. Kanabekova PhD in Economics, associate Professor. Our department unites 2 doctors of Economics, 3 PhD doctors and 10 candidates of Science, who make an invaluable contribution to the development of the intellectual and scientific potential of the country.

Several teachers were awarded medals «Y.Altynsarin», «For merits in development of science of Kazakhstan» MES RK, letters of thanks from the French Ambassador, «Qurmetti ustaz» of Abai KazNPU etc..