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«CLIL Educational Training» Centre is open to students of multilingual primary education at Abai KazNPU. Meetings of its members are planned monthly on the ZOOM and MSTEAMS platforms and offline. Reports on the club`s activities can be found on the Primary Education website.


The aim of the «CLIL Educational Training» Centre is to create a multilingual environment for learners using CLIL technology while integrating the teaching of specific subjects in English, stimulating and enhancing learners` knowledge by giving them the opportunity to speak Kazakh, Russian and English every day.


«CLIL Educational Training» Centre focuses on topics from different academic disciplines and allows students to expand their vocabulary and improve their speaking skills.


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Club leader: Doctoral student G.B.Kydyrbaeva. tel.: 87015953098


The program of the club «CLIL Educational Training Centre» for the 2021-2022 academic year