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«Teach - Create -Motivate» - linguodidactic laboratory is specially organized for students of multilingual primary education of Abai KazNPU (6B01306 - primary education in English, 6B01304 - primary education in multilingual groups). Participants of its classes meet monthly in the ONLINE / OFFLINE format on the ZOOM and MSTEAMS platforms.


The purpose of laboratory: Organization of a favorable language environment for teaching students English using authentic materials, promoting the development of communication, receiving information, improving knowledge and skills in the field of multilingual education.


The main task of laboratory: Increasing the methodological knowledge and linguodidactic potential of future primary school teachers in teaching English; mastering effective methods of using authentic materials in the development of linguodidactic potential.


The subject of the laboratory of linguodidactics provides a connection with the real life of students, allows you to develop creative activities, cognitive abilities, critical thinking, the formation of communicative competencies.


Functions of laboratory:

- to teach students to conduct educational, methodical, individual creative research, to compile authentic, didactic materials on the topic;

- based on the development/collection of authentic materials on various topics and their harmonious application in practice: organization of seminars, interviews, conversations, analyzes, competitions, debates, conferences, reader`s theater, debates, training, talk shows, role-playing games, debates, individual, group, pair work;

- development of linguodidactical (lexical, grammatical, speaking, reading, writing, listening) skills of future primary school teachers through authentic materials in teaching English;

- facilitate the formation of communicative, pragmatic, cognitive, linguistic competencies of students.


Leader - doctoral student G.S. Makharova, mob: 87021947072,   


«Teach Create Motivate» - linguodidactics laboratory Work plan for the 2021-2022 academic year