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 Rimma Abdykadyrkyzy
Head of the Press Office
Master of Engineering and Technology
13, Dostyk ave.


The purpose is to form a positive image of Abai University in the internal and external environment by informing the general public about various activities of the university in the field of education, science, education, sports and creative achievements, public activities.


The structure of the Department includes a television studio «Abai» and the newspaper «Abai University».


The main objectives of the department:

- Formation of positive image of the university and improving its social status;

- Ensuring the content of the official website  

- Conducting information and communication work on the official pages of the university and in social networks;

- Interaction with mass media for timely informing the public about the most important events in the University`s activities;

- Organization of work on the provision of information about Abai KazNPU and the educational services provided by the Internet and media in order to improve the interaction with the target audience (applicants, students, employees, partners, city public, government);

- Preparation of information materials, analytical reports on thematic issues by the order of the Rector of the University to respond to the requests of government agencies, other educational institutions and citizens;

- Review and analysis of the materials published in the republican mass media concerning the University activities;

- Improving the system of information and communication support of the University activities, increasing the efficiency of communication of services and departments;

- Providing feedback to the public and the target audience, primarily students and their parents, teaching staff and other stakeholders;

- Ensuring interaction with public opinion research centres and compiling their own programmes for studying and determining public opinion about the University`s activities;

- Ensuring timely and full consideration of citizens` applications and sending answers to the applicants, taking into account the protection of their confidential data;

- Coordination of work on the implementation of the relevant orders of the Rector on the requests and enquiries of the website visitors, etc;

- Organising the work of maintaining and improving the image of the University in the external environment;

- Planning and organising together with institutes, departments and other structural subdivisions the work on maintaining and improving the information exchange within the university;

- Development and implementation of corporate media projects of Abai University (creation and maintenance of the website, corporate publications);

- Preparation of video films, creation and replenishment of video and photo materials about the achievements of students and faculty, about the activities of the University and its subdivisions.


Please send all the information for posting on the official website of the University to the following email address: