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About us


 Isabek Nurdaulet
Director of the Institute of Arts, Culture and Sports
Doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor
Ualikhanov str.64

 Ryssymbetov Yerzhan Kurbanaliyevich
Head of the Chair
Doctor of art history PhD
Dostyk ave. 13

 Ibragimov Aman Ilesovich
Senior Lecturer
Candidate of pedagogical sciences
Dostyk ave., 13

 Baygaliev Adil Manarbekovich
Senior Lieutenant
«Spartak» Stadium

Institute of Arts, Culture and Sports of Abai KazNPU - this is the first and, until recently, the only specialized institution in the field of professional art education of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Each year, moving forward, our education policy is a flexible structure that allows to understand the spirit of the times and match them. At the moment, expanding their horizons, we have successfully developed an innovative area of the humanities - art pedagogy. The emphasis in the transformation of the education system in the graphic arts department is on new forms of learning, which could only occur with the help of new information technologies. The growing importance is the international dimension in educational practice in which mobility is through the creation of an international environment for the exchange of ideas.

More than forty years since its founding in 1969, Institute of Arts, Culture and Sports  provides training with professional creative and scientific potential.

At the moment, the faculty presented 93 highly qualified teachers: 2 Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor HAC 1, 10 academic professors, 21 PhD, 8 associate professors HAC, 1 PhD, 1 PhD, 1 doctor PhD, 9 academic professors , 43 members of the Union of Artists of the USSR and the Republic of Kazakhstan, 2 members of the Union of Designers of RK, 1 - Honored RK, 8 - "The activity of culture" RK, 3 members of the Union of artisans, 3 winners of youth and national awards, many of them winners of international and national competitions - is the foundation of the faculty.

The objective age requirements are such that our faculty is famous not only obvious creativity, but also a high level of scientific training. For more than forty years of existence, art-graphic faculty formed his own scientific school in the field of art and methods of teaching art, matching the scale of the fundamental science and its applied nature, allowing being flexible and responsive to the conditions of modernity.

Huge teaching experience of teachers, coupled with the modern equipment of the material, allow our students to develop their abilities, armed with the most advanced educational methods. Year after year, honing his skills, they perceive not only the diversity of the world of art, but also the ability to freely position themselves in society, to work in a team, just be friends, tying good relationships with peers and teachers for many years.

Our children are able to express their creativity not only practical, but also theoretically. Development and improvement of the research component is given the highest priority. The purpose of this direction is to create a harmonious system of continuous education, where knowledge and skills obtained in the framework of undergraduate, have their logical continuation in the format of study at the Institute of Master`s and Doctoral PhD  Abai KazNPU.

That is why the competence of graduates o Abai KazNPU  are not limited only by the scope of specialties listed in the diploma. Obtained during the training intellectual baggage, is able to manifest itself on the pedagogical field in the format of higher, secondary and vocational educational institutions, public service and research work.

Our students hone their creative and research skills by actively participating in various research and creative projects. Became the winners of the international festival "Shabyt" republican contest "Serper", "Daryn", "Sheber", "Jas Zhuldyz" etc. Annual international competition of young designers "Podium" and applied art in Egypt, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Russia and Turkmenistan.

  • In 1969, KazPI Abai  opened the graphic arts department. The faculty is the first institution of higher education that train teachers of fine arts and drawing, as well as professional artists for over 40 years.
  • To date, a great contribution to the prosperity and creativity of science in Kazakhstan are making 85 professors and lecturers of the faculty. Teaching staff presented one academic NAO named after Altynsarin, 2 doctors of science, 10 professors, 23 candidates of sciences and associate professors,, 1 - winner of the Youth Prize of the Kazakh SSR, 2 - laureate "Daryn", 43 - a member of the Union of Artists and Designers Union of Kazakhstan.