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Public activities



         On  8 June 2017,   Director of the Institute of Arts, Culture and Sports of  Abai  KazNPU Nurdaulet Ye.  Issabek presented the medal "The Best Teacher" to the deputy director for educational work Nurkasym M. Tokmoldayev.



         06-10.06.2017. in accordance with the signed memorandum about cooperation with the  Central Asia University, by  the organization of the Institute of Arts, Culture and Sports at  Abai  Kazakh National Pedagogical University  took place  a seminar on the courses "Personality and Society" and "Rhythm and Movement" of the Aga Khan Project "Human Studies" for 25 lecturers of educational institutions of Almaty, including  lecturers  of  Abai KazNPU. Trainers of the seminar were: Khadicha Shambetalieva - regional trainer for Central Asia and Makhkamboi Karimov - senior lecturer of the Department of Philosophy of Culture and Political Science of Khojand State University named after Academician Babadzhan Gufurov and trainer  of the Innovation Center of the Aga Khan Human Studies program of UCA in Khujand.

            Lecturers of the AC&S Institute, who participated in this seminar A.T. Aituarova  -   candidate of art studies , associate professor, L.Sh. Kakimova - Candidate of pedagogical  Sciences, Associate Professor, A.I. Umurzakova -   associate professor  received the certificate of the international standard, certifying the advanced training in the amount of 72 hours. The University of Central Asia transferred to the fund of the University`s scientific library an electronic resource and video material for the project, having transferred them to the Deputy Director for Scientific Work of the Institute L.Sh. Kakimova.

           On the theme of the project "Akhmet Zhubanov. Kurmangazy "  of the section" Rhythm and movement " on 8 June, 2017 by the invitation of the course participants and representatives of  the CAU - Aga Khan Project "Human Studies"  , this seminar was attended and conducted by the master class of the Honored  Worker of the RK, Associate Professor of the Department of Music Education and Choreography Yerbolat Zh. Mustafayev performing Kazakh kuyas of folk and contemporary composers on the dombra ("Kishkentai" and "Kisen Ashkan " , "Kurmangazi,"2016 year " of Seitek, "Karazhan khanym" of Dauletkerei," Syrnaily "and" Kosbasar "of Tattimbet," Akku" of N.Tlendiyev, etc.).







             On May 19, 2017  professional activity of the beauty academy "SYMBAT" turned 70 years old and for this occasion the academy organizers was conducted  the IV International contest "Creative World", in which 3rd year students f (3-year training)  of the  specialty "5B010700 - Fine arts and drawing"  of the Institute of Arts, Culture and Sports of  Abai KazNPU  Zhuldyzai Маksut and Saniya Bakhytbek won the 3rd place in the nomination "Technology of clothes and design",  Aisulu Koshan and Arailym Akhmet in the nomination "Design of clothes" were awarded with a certificates. Creative  mentor  of the contest participants is Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, senior lecturer of the "Theory and Methods of Fine and Decorative Arts" Department  Raushan Kh. Kanapyanova.





        On May 11, 2017 in the main building of Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University was held the exhibition "World significance of "ABAI`S WAY", dedicated to the 120th anniversary of M.Auezov`s epic novel "ABAI`S WAY". The organizer of this exhibition was the Center of the State Fund-Museum of Abai "Zhidebay-Borili" in the Semey city with the participation of the management of the Institute of Arts, Culture and Sports represented by the director N.Y. Issabek.
          With a welcoming word the exhibition was opened by the first vice-rector of Abai KazNPU M.Y. Yermaganbetov and director of the state fund-museum "Zhidebay-Borili" B. Zhunisbekov.
             This exhibition was visited by the scientist and well-known figure, son of Mukhtar Auezov - Murat Auezov, as well as public figures, teaching of the university and institute, students and undergraduates, journalists and the media. For students - this event has great educational value.
















        In the period from 15th to 19th April 2017, lecturers of the Institute of Arts, Culture and Sports (Zh.N. Shaigozova, M.E. Sultanova, L.Sh. Kakimova) attended a training seminar on the project "Human Studies" of the University of Central Asia at the University on interdisciplinary courses "Induction to the Human Studies " аnd " Traditions and Change ".
         Seminar conducted by Makhkamboi Karimov (Tajikistan) and Gulmira Bilyalova (Kazakhstan). The seminar was held at D.Kunaev Eurasian Law Academy, in which participated teachers from various universities of Kazakhstan. Active participation in the seminar was conducted on interactive methods of teaching.







        On 12-13 April,2017 at M. Auezov South Kazakhstan State University  as part of the expert accreditation commission of the INDEPENDENT KAZAKH AGENCY FOR QUALITY ASSURANCE IN EDUCATION (IQAA) of the specialty "5B010700 - Fine Arts and Drawing" was senior lecturer of the department " Chair of Theory and Methods of Fine and Decorative Arts " candidate of pedagogical sciences Aman Ibragimov.







         14.03.2017. The  Staff  of the Department of Creative specialties celebrated the creative anniversary of  colleague, artist, teacher - B.Myrzakhmetov.






Dariga Nazarbayeva paid an official visit alma mater first pedagogical university of Kazakhstan - Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abai, in the lobby which was presented to a small exposition exhibition of creative works of teachers, undergraduates and students of the Institute of Arts, Culture and Sports.

With the work of professionals and future professionals of the industry introduced the teacher institute - Candidate of pedagogical science, senior lecturer of the department "Theory and methods of fine and decorative arts," Aman Ibragimov.







In order to enhance the social life of the students work program in the form of self-government in the public Dean, whose 13 students of the faculty. For each sector of the fixed charge the student, including:

Public student dean:  Makhambetyarov Elaman "Art and Drawing» 3-course group 32-3;

Deputy Dean of Student: Imanbaev Mukhtar Tursynuly "Music Education" 3-course group 301-2

Head of student educational work: Kudaibergenov Bekbolat "Art and Drawing» 3-course group 32-3;

Headman 1 course - Bigeldiyeva Gulzat Bitorekyzy 1-rate, "Choreography" 103 group;

Headman2 courses - Orynbasarova Aizada 2-course, "Art and Drawing" group 22-4;

Headman 3 courses - Kairatova Zhuldyz 3-course "Artistic weaving";

Headman 4th year - Okhanova Yryskul 4-course "Art and Drawing" 42-3;

8. Culture Sector - Bіrіmkul Ilyas 2-course "Music Education" group 201-1; Kitanov Meirambek Zholdybaiuly 3-course "Art and Drawing" 32-3;

9. Inventors Club - Nurbek Darkhan Batyrkhanuly, Akzhіgіt Aibek Zhakypuly 1-year students;

10. Sector Sports - Imankulov Eldos Erzhanuly 3-course "Art and Drawing" group 32-2;

11. Headman hostel number 1 - Zhusіpova Nursulu 4-course "Art and Drawing" group 42-2;

Calendar of events and activities of the faculty:

Within the educational work of the faculty with various activities: dedication to the students, concerts, meetings with famous artists, such as seminars, competitions, exhibitions of creative works, subject competitions, events on the national education and propaganda of learning the state language, the propaganda of healthy life and sport and more.

 Clubs and student organizations:

 At the faculty are various creative circles:

1.Club  «
Шеберлер қолтаңбасы», for students artistic direction of senior lecturer in painting Kaidarov M.U;

2. Club "Daryn" for students of music education, the head teacher of music education and choreography Mal
іmbai  S.T;

3. Club "Aru Art" for students of the girls involved in the decorative arts, the head teacher of the Scarecrow arts and crafts Nurke Mura;

4.Club on arts and crafts "Dast
үr", the head professor Z.A.Turdygylov;

5. Club on making music Mountable "
Көкейкесті", the head professor Z.A.Turdygylov.

Student union:

The student union committee - 2nd year student Orynbasarova Aizada "Fine art and design."

At the moment, full-time students enrolled at the Faculty of 432 students. At Grant - 226, on paid - 206 students. All 1st year students and members of low-income families, benefit recipients are provided with a hostel. For some categories of citizens by a special commission set off for training.


Art has no boundaries


Throughout history, people and art were inextricably linked. Lev Tolstoy said: "Art is a means of unity of the people". Therefore, today there is actual art education in the education of young people.
At the Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abai held a two-day international symposium on the theme: "By roads of the UNESCO: World. Art education. Youth " with participation of the UNESCO Observatory Asia-Pacific region. The organizers are the Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abai, school of fine arts and technical design named Abylkhan Kasteev, with the support of the National Commission of the Republic of Kazakhstan for UNESCO and ISESCO, UNESCO Cluster Office for Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgystan and Turkish Agency for Cooperation and Development with the participation of the UNESCO Office in Bangkok, the National Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Kazakhstan.
The purpose of this event is to exchange experience in the field of arts education at all levels - and secondary art school, undergraduate, graduate, PhD sudents - to improve the efficiency of cooperation between UNESCO Observatory.
In the festively decorated lobby, which sounded wonderful Kazakh melody in the orchestra of the Institute, women in colorful national costumes greeted guests. At the opening ceremony pro-rector of Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abai Kenzhebayev Gabit Kapezovich welcomed the participants and wished them fruitful work. Also welcoming speech Director of the UNESCO Cluster Office in Almaty-Sergei AbramovichLazarev, director of the National Training Center of additional education of the Ministry of Education and Science - Raisa Petrovna Sher, a representative of the UNESCO Observatory on intercultural and creative education in Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan) - Khanzada Azimkhanovna Yessenova. Symposium participants also heard a video message from the representative of UNESCO Bangkok.
During the plenary session heard presentations Symposium participants from different countries Columbia University professor Rafis Abazov, professor of the National Institute of Art and Design from Uzbekistan Part D. Bektemirov, Erzincan University professors from Turkey Hussein Husnu Bahar, Ersan Ciftci, Ilhan Akdeniz, Taner Uluchay Professor of the chair "History and Theory of Fine Arts of the Kazakh Academy of Arts named after O. T.Zhurgenov O.V. Baturin and others.
The whole history of mankind is depicted in art. Man reflected best qualities and feelings in the works of art that resonates with people. Undoubtedly, the role of art in the formation of enormous spiritual image of the younger generation, expanding their horizons, to awaken the creative powers of youth. The symposium continued its prospects and trends of mutual cooperation in the field of improving the art education of youth.