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 Zhanguttin Bauyrzhan Olzhabayevich
Head of the Chair
Doctor of Political Sciences, associate professor
Zhambyl str.25


The department of «Humanities», as part of the Institute of History and Law (now the Department of the History of Kazakhstan named after Academician TS Sadykov) conducts the study and teaching of national history, the theory of world and national art, and art pedagogy.

Teaching staff of the department makes a significant contribution to the study of actual problems of the history and culture of Kazakhstan.

The teaching staff of the Department makes a significant contribution to the study of topical problems of history and culture of Kazakhstan. Teachers of the Department read General courses of lectures on national and world history for undergraduates and doctoral students of I-II courses, special subjects «Historical science and modern theories», «History of national culture», «Social and political thought of modern times and modernity», «History of everyday life: methods and methodology», «Methods of historical geography in regional studies», «Foreign policy and diplomacy of the Asia-Pacific region», «Theoretical and methodological problems of historiography and source studies», and participates in the General seminar on methodological problems of studying the national history of the XIX-XXI centuries.

Pedagogical and research practices are held regularly at universities of Almaty, the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Central State Archive of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which has more than 1 million 500 thousand files in its funds, which is the largest multi-disciplinary archive of the country, the State Museum of Arts named after A. Kasteev, modern art galleries of Almaty and others.

Teaching staff of the Department conducts research in the following areas: the history of everyday life, the history of the national liberation movement of the Kazakh people in the twentieth century, conceptual problems of the history of the Stalin period in Kazakhstan, The man in the dictatorship (socio-cultural aspects), the History of political repression in Kazakhstan, historical demography, the theoretical foundations of the Kazakh traditional and modern art, landscape painting, art pedagogy, research in the theory, history and methods of teaching fine arts, innovative art technologies, art management, etc.

International contacts of the Department are wide and diverse. The Department cooperates with universities of Hokkaido (Japan), Hanshan Pedagogical University (China), University. Tabatai (Iran), Budapest, universities of Pécs (Hungary), Moscow state University named after M. Lomonosov, Institute of Russian history, Ural branch of the Institute of history and archaeology Russian Academy of Sciences, the University of Central Asia Aga Khan in Naryn town, the Russian Islamic University, Novosibirsk state pedagogical University.

Teachers of the Department are active participants of international conferences, symposia and colloquia. In recent years, they have delivered lectures and reports in the United States, great Britain, Finland, Holland, Poland and Russia.

The staff of the Department have repeatedly been the grant holders of various funds, such as the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, the Moscow office of the world Bank, the hecap Foundation (Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, UK), the Christensen Fund (USA), the state grant of the Republic of Kazakhstan «the Best teacher of the University».

And, the Department cooperates with higher educational institutions as Al-Farabi KazNU, international Kazakh-Turkish University named after A. Yassavi, Kazakh state women`s teacher training University, K. Zhubanov Aktobe state University, Suleiman Dimerel University, research institutes and institutions as CH. Valikhanov Institute of history and Ethnology, the Central state archive of Kazakhstan, the Archive of the President of Kazakhstan, the Central Museum of Kazakhstan, the State Museum of Arts named after A. Kasteev. At the moment, 25 teachers work at the Department, including 1 academician of NAS RK, 6 doctors of Sciences, 14 candidates of Sciences and 4 masters. Teachers with an academic degree and title is 87 percent. Winners of the grant «Best teacher» - 2.